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Design Inspiration April 04, 2016

11 ways you’re wasting precious storage space in the bedroom

bedroom storage dressers and chests

It’s a real-life nightmare. The cause of many sleepless nights. What our minds just can’t stop thinking about while we’re counting sheep.

How do you make the most out of your bedroom storage? 

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Design Inspiration April 04, 2016

5 ways to make a bedroom you'll love

rustic bedroom

By definition, a bedroom isn’t really a bedroom without a bed. But there’s so much more that goes into furnishing the bedroom of your dreams than just picking a comfy place to lay your head. And while it’s often the most overlooked room in the house, chances are it’s one you spend the most time in.

From master suite to kids’ room, and from multipurpose guest room to curl-up-with-a-book “me” space, we’ve got the questions and considerations to help you find just what you’re looking for when it comes to bedroom furniture. 

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Design Inspiration April 04, 2016

The one piece of furniture you’re probably missing in your bedroom

upholstered chair bedroom seating

Imagine yourself in a posh, five-star hotel. Do you see luxurious linens and an ornate headboard? How about an oversized wardrobe and a pair of decorative nightstands? What else is always there that you may be overlooking from this fancy five-star bedroom?
Drumroll, please … Bedroom seating.

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