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Look for less budget home office makeover by Polished Habitat

Look 4 Less: Black and white and green with envy

October 21, 2015
A workspace as cool as this one makes you wish it was in your home, doesn’t it? Set aside your office envy for a moment, because we’ve got the scoop on this awesome “look for less” makeover. Melissa George, the lovely blogger in charge of Polished Habitat, told us all about how she revamped her workspace for less than $200.

home workspaces we love

5 inspired workspace ideas from our favorite bloggers

September 17, 2014
Recently, we asked what your ideal workspace says about you. (And hopefully you used our infographic to find out!) Whether you’re a WorkhorseJack (or Jill) of All Trades or even a Comfort King (or Queen), there are a million different ways to make your workspace efficient, productive and, most important, uniquely you.

What does your ideal workstyle say about you?

QUIZ: What is your workstyle personality?

August 05, 2014
Even if you’re not heading back to class this fall, find out what your ideal workspace says about you.