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Ideas Want to make the most of every room in your home? You've come to the right place.

Tackling bedroom taboos: 6 headboard and night stand no-nos debunked
By now you know about the only rule that matters when designing your bedroom.
But what about those other “guidelines?” What about all those things you thought were taboo in the bedroom? 
Of course, we’re talking about furniture and décor. What else did you think?!? We’ve asked the bedroom design experts to weigh in and share perspective, and we’ve got you covered. We’re giving you permission to break these six “unmentionable” rules when it comes to headboards and night stands.

Putting a bed in front of a window

When your room layout only allows for the bed in front of a window, pick a headboard style with slats or a perforated design so the light can shine on through.

Viabella Headboard and Footboard in front of a window
The perforated metal design of the Viabella Headboard has a substantial feel, but it still allows the benefits of the window behind it, letting light and air flow freely. — Nicole, Making it Lovely
Viabella footboard with perforated navy blue metal
Photo credit: Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

Leaning up against your headboard to read or binge-watch

"Pick a sturdy, comfortable headboard for sitting up in bed. A woodgrain or upholstered option with a height of 50 inches or more is the perfect combo of function and form." — Cassity, Remodelaholic

"If you use wood, make sure to keep enough pillows on the bed to soften the headboard." — Nicole, Making it Lovely

Barrister Lane Night Stand and Carson Forge Headboard
Carson Forge Headboard and throw pillows
Photo credit: Cassity Kmetzsch, Remodelaholic

EXPERT TIP: Use a large decorative basket in the corner to stash the extra throw pillows when they’re not on the bed.


Shoal Creek upholstered headboard
Jenni created a super-plush bed with an upholstered headboard with throw pillows.

Shoal Creek upholstered headboard
Photo styling credit: Jenni Radosevich, I Spy DIY
Getting the eclectic aesthetic and ‘non-set’ style

"A woodgrain headboard is a nice option when other bedroom furniture is a colorful painted finish, a different material, like metal, or a contrasting woodgrain finish. For example, if you have a lot of wood furniture, mix up your materials by picking an upholstered headboard or metal night stand." — Nicole, Making it Lovely
"Pairing mismatched pieces together gives the bedroom an eclectic aesthetic. Pieces look like they’re treasures that’ve been gathered over time. It makes each room unique and gives the “world traveler aesthetic.” — Cassity, Remodelaholic

Barrister Lane wood night stand and Eden Rue metal side table
Cassity mixes the Barrister Lane, Carson Forge and Eden Rue collections for a curated bedroom look.

Creating a visual divide at the foot of your bed

"A footboard ties the bedroom together, acts as a visual divide and contains the comforter and blankets by keeping things looking neat and tidy." — Jenni, I Spy DIY

Viabella Footboard and Headboard
Viabella Footboard
Photo credit: Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely
"A blanket draping over the edge looks finished, or you can tuck in a quilt or blanket in for a more tailored look." — Nicole, Making it Lovely

Blanket at the foot of bed with Shoal Creek Headboard

Dog on blanket at the foot of bed with Shoal Creek Headboard
Photo styling credit: Jenni Radosevich, I Spy DIY
"A bench, ottoman or stool at the foot of the bed is good for small bedrooms because it keeps the line of sight open." — Cassity, Remodelaholic

New Grange Accent Stools at foot of bed
Image credit: Cassity Kmetzsch, Remodelaholic
Getting more out of your bedside space

"Choose a night stand that’s slightly higher than your mattress. Beyond that, it’s a matter of personal preference when it comes to style and whether you’re looking for storage or not." — Nicole, Making it Lovely

International Lux Night Stand with drawer and open storage

International Lux Night Stand with deep drawer storage
The deep bottom drawer of the International Lux Night Stand keeps the bedroom clean
and organized, and the gorgeous brass hardware makes a glamorous statement in the bedroom.
Photo credit: Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely
Barrister Lane Night Stand with drawer storage
The Barrister Lane Night Stand is the Swiss army knife of night stands. It’s got a drawer for the essentials, slide-out shelf to set a cup of coffee and open storage for a large basket.
Photo credit: Cassity Kmetzsch, Remodelaholic
Barrister Lane Night Stand with drawer and shelf storage
Photo credit: Cassity Kmetzsch, Remodelaholic
EXPERT TIP: Ignore convention in a guest room and forgo two night stands. Put a bench next to the bed on one side for use as a luggage rack.  — Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

Viabella patterned bench as luggage rack next to bed
Image credit: Nicole, Making it Lovely
Styling a stellar night stand

"Remember the rule of threes: Start with a lamp and some greenery, like flowers or a plant. Add a third item, like an alarm clock (if you use one) or decorative object." — Nicole, Making it Lovely
EXPERT TIP: Keep a bowl or small tray on the night stand to collect items, like earrings or necklaces.

Decorative night stand styling
Photo styling credit: Jenni Radosevich, I Spy DIY
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