Design Inspiration December 16, 2015

Bold décor choices we love

Make bold choices with colorful furniture: side table and cabinet

There is an infinite number of ways to make a room or home look spectacular. Everyone has their own unique perspective to bring to life. But sometimes, there’s a space that just has that “wow” factor. An unexpected element that takes a space from average to astounding.
Taking risks with paint, furniture or DIY projects isn’t easy. But a little bravery can result in bold choices that pay off in a major way. Here are some tips to inspire you to think outside the box with your home décor.

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Design Inspiration December 09, 2015

Look 4 Less: Uncommon finds and midcentury thrift

When Jess McGurn, the mastermind behind Bright Green Door, finished her living room renovations, it was time to curate a look that made her (and her wallet) happy. We love a good budget makeover, and this airy midcentury marvel perfectly shows how a little bit of patience and a lot of creative thinking can be the key to a stylish room makeover.
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Design Inspiration December 01, 2015
10 embarrassing design and DIY fails

#DesignFails we can’t stop laughing about

I don’t know about you, but one of the things that can drive me nuts about home décor magazines, beautiful blogs and Pinterest is how everything is so perfect! Because these photos can set the bar exhaustingly high, I decided to ask some of our blogger partners about their best “oops!” moments and DIY projects gone wrong to prove that they, too, are human (as opposed to super stylish, outer space robots sent to earth to make us all jealous).
Be ready to laugh, because these home décor and DIY #fails are golden.
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Design Inspiration November 18, 2015
Master bedroom before getting an amazing makeover

Makeover: Boring bedroom turned rustic retreat

When it comes to prioritizing home décor, many people start with spaces their friends and family will see, like the dining room or living room. Down at the bottom of this list is the bedroom, which ends up gathering all the furniture and décor that no longer make the cut for your other rooms.
I don’t know about you, but when I’m done with a long day at work, I’m counting down the minutes until I can curl up in my cozy bed! Time to put some love into this recharging space, don’t you think? Especially considering our stressful lives, the bedroom should be a place to relax and recuperate.
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Design Inspiration November 11, 2015
Prepare to entertain, even in a small space or home.

21 tips for entertaining in a small space

“Help! My place isn’t very spacious, but I’m hosting a party for a bunch of friends and family soon. How can I make this an awesome get-together without everyone feeling scrunched?”
We hear some rendition of this question all the time. With the holidays coming up, we wanted to find the answer once and for all! But because all spaces aren’t created equal, there’s no single solution that works for everyone. That’s why we looked to some of our entertaining experts who inspired this list of 21 ways to entertain in a small space. And these tips are so dang good, they’ll make any size space feel homey! 
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