Design Inspiration September 02, 2014

7 ways to (literally) bring the outdoors in

How to: bring outdoor décor indoors

Now that the calendar says September, it’s officially time to swap the swimsuits for the sweaters, break out the boots and fill the house with those to-die-for fall-scented candles. Even if the weatherman doesn’t agree, it’s finally fall (at least in my book!).
But if you’re not ready to say goodbye to summer just quite yet, don’t fret. You can bring a bit of the outdoors in with you! It’ll be autumn, er, awesome. 

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Random Goodness August 30, 2014
Sauder summer interns

5 memories from the Sauder summer interns

Before sending our fab summer interns on their way for their final semesters at school, we asked them what they’d miss most about their days here at Sauder.

We knew they’d learned some valuable life lessons throughout the summer, but we never would have guessed these were the memories they’d carry with them from their summer internship.

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Design Inspiration August 27, 2014
Garage Sale Challenge Mark and Chad

Garage Sale Challenge: Thrifting adventures from 0 to 60!

Shawn versus Lacey. Kayte versus Keely. We’ve had quite the intense faceoffs so far in the Garage Sale Challenge, but it’s not over just yet. Rounding out the competition we have a pair of handy (and really creative) fellas.
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Design Inspiration August 20, 2014
Garage Sale Challenge Kayte and Keely faceoff

Garage Sale Challenge: Facelifts for Functional Pieces

While Shawn and Lacey have been tossing friendly smack talk back-and-forth throughout Sauder HQ, we caught up with our next round of Garage Sale Challenge participants — Kayte and Keely.
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Design Inspiration August 18, 2014
Garage Sale Challenge Shawn and Lacey faceoff

Garage Sale Challenge: Going for the Gold (Leaf)

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!
It’s officially time for our Garage Sale Challenge faceoff, and our first two competitors are setting the bar high! They say great minds think alike, and it must be true, because these two both explored using gold leafing in their projects. Coincidence or collusion? You tell us!
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