Design Inspiration December 16, 2014

Gift Guide: crafter, parent and outdoorsman

Sauder Holiday Gift Guide for crafters, parents and outdoorsmen

It’s not too late to get that last stellar gift, even if it’s for the hardest-to-buy-for person on your list. You’ve got less than 10 days to go, and we’ve got three more fabulous gift categories in our holiday Gift Guide series.
So far we’ve covered gifts for the entertainer, foodie and new homeowner. We’ve helped you buy for the city dweller and college student. Now it’s time to find the absolute best gifts for your favorite crafter, young parent and outdoorsman.


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Design Inspiration December 09, 2014
Sauder Holiday Gift Guide for city dwellers and college students

Gift Guide: City dweller and college student

Only 16 more days ‘til Christmas! (No pressure or anything.)
If you’re still finishing up your holiday shopping, do not fear. We’ve got two more installations of our holiday Gift Guide series for you.
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Design Inspiration December 03, 2014

Winter Color Forecast

winter color trends

Winter Color Forecast

Visit any elementary classroom this time of year and ask what the colors of the season are. I’m willing to put money on the response you’ll get — red and green. If you’re a true traditionalist, red and green might be your sole winter color palette. But if you’re anything like me, you’re yearning for a little more variety and something to get you through all of the long, cold winter months — not just the holidays.
Luckily, this winter we’re seeing a diverse color palette that’s a continuation of our fall color forecast. These colors will likely be around for a while, but as the seasons change, the color palette will subtly shift to more wintery hues. Here’s how we see it playing out in the coming (chillier) months.
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Design Inspiration November 28, 2014
Double Take bookcase

Double Take: Bookcase

If you ask me, it’s probably one of the most common, yet highly disregarded, furniture items. You likely had one in your room growing up and again in your dorm room when you went away to college. They’re in most classrooms and many offices, and chances are you have at least one, if not two or three, in your home right now.
Bookcases are an ordinary piece of furniture. But what usually gets placed in the corner and stacked high with old magazines and unread books can have a number of unique uses around the home.
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Design Inspiration November 21, 2014
Sauder Holiday Gift Guide for entertainer foodie homeowner

Gift Guide: Entertainer, foodie and new homeowner

We know  "tis better to give than to receive," but what happens when you’re not sure what to give?
Do you go for the thoughtful homemade gift, the one-of-a-kind experience or the “I stalked your Amazon wishlist" type of gift? Or maybe you’re looking for something a little more chic; something functional that fits with the unique personality of the giftee?
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