Design Inspiration July 30, 2014

Style Trial: Rustic and Industrial

rustic and industrial Style Trial

Reclaimed and distressed woods. Mixed materials. Handcrafted pieces. What style am I referring to? Whether you said “rustic” or “industrial,” you’re right! In this edition of the Style Trial series, we’re helping you spot the differences between these two styles that often toy with the same materials.


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Design Inspiration July 28, 2014
coastal and cottage Style Trial

Style Trial: Coastal and Cottage

Whether you’re inland or oceanside, you might love the décor elements associated with coastal and cottage styles. Eclectic materials, soft pastel colors and natural woods — what’s not to love about these casual, comfortable looks?
Our merchant Lindsay just posted about creating a seaside escape, and in this edition of the Style Trial series, I’m helping you embrace the similarities and decipher differences between coastal and cottage. Feel free to merge these overlapping styles in any way that’s uniquely you. Or, better yet, toss in some of these elements with modern and contemporary or traditional and transitional styles!
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Design Inspiration July 15, 2014
traditional and transitional Style Trial

Style Trial: Traditional and Transitional

If you’re like me, defining your personal style isn’t black and white. It’s usually a gray area of furniture and décor of several styles that speak to you. That’s why we created the Style Trial series — to explain the black and the white of basic design styles and help you define your gray (or green, or blue, or red) area of style. Because we know it’s not all or nothing. It’s often a mix.
Which, when you think about it, is how one of our next styles came about. Transitional is actually a bit of traditional style with a contemporary flair. In this edition of the Style Trial series, we’ll help you identify the subtle — and not so subtle — differences between traditional and transitional styles. Sounds easy, right?

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Design Inspiration July 08, 2014
modern and contemporary style trial

Style Trial: Contemporary and Modern

Sometimes I think there’s no easier way to provoke a loss for words than asking, “So what look are you going for here?” There are endless ways to describe personal style and probably just as many definitions and interpretations of common design styles.
In this Style Trial series , we’re hoping to clear up some of the confusion surrounding common nomenclature for style pairings that tend to be more similar than they are different. But just because we’re defining these styles for you doesn’t mean you have to pick just one.
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Random Goodness July 04, 2014

Celebrating America

Citizens at naturalization ceremony

Celebrating America

Just like many Fourth of July get-togethers around the country, the celebration at Sauder Village is all about tradition. We celebrate our heritage and where we come from, remember the hard work of our native and immigrant ancestors and appreciate the opportunities we have because of our American citizenship.
This Fourth of July, we’re proud to welcome a group of new American citizens as we host the U.S. District Court Naturalization Ceremony.
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