Design Inspiration October 05, 2015

Time to entertain: 5 tips for proper living room feng shui

5 tips for proper living room feng shui

Everyone knows about feng shui, the Chinese system of creating harmony through your surrounding environment. Think about it. You know your living space can easily affect your mood, both positively and negatively.
When you’re getting your home ready for entertaining — a topic we’ve been discussing in our “Time to Entertain series”— feng shui is a refreshing concept to keep in mind. After all, entertaining is all about making others feel comfortable and welcome in your home. With proper furniture and the right layout, you can have a harmonious living room that’s all set for riveting conversation and plenty of laughs.

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Design Inspiration October 01, 2015
7 must-haves for a guest room

Time to entertain: 7 must-haves for overnight guests

Gone are the days of blow-up mattresses and blankets on the couch. In your grown-up space, you now have an area where friends and family can crash more comfortably. It’s totally cool if this space does double-duty as your home office or den. But even if this room features a desk or couch with gaming console, there are a few additional things you’re going to need to make this space feel like a home away from home for your pals.
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Design Inspiration September 17, 2015
One piece styled five ways, Nico Accent Chair

Five ways to fab: accent chair

You can style a credenza by topping it with collectibles or setting artwork on it. You can take a bookcase or storage organizer and fill it with baskets and metal bins or your favorite books. But what about a chair? How do you style something like that?
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Design Inspiration August 10, 2015
Colorful dorm room for college student

6 expert tips for dorm room design

It’s almost that time of year. That time when college students across the country start moving into dorm rooms, lugging giant boxes and bags of belongings up stairwells and into teeny-tiny dorm rooms. (Boy, how I don’t miss that!)
This fall, college students have the awesome opportunity to really make a space completely their own (well, half their own). Exciting, exhilarating and exhausting, right?
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Design Inspiration July 20, 2015

Meet our new designers: Rachel & May

Not going to lie — being a furniture designer sounds like one of the coolest jobs ever. They get to travel the world for inspiration (like Cologne and Stockholm), attend awesome trade shows, and they’ve got the pulse on the latest and greatest design trends out there. 
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