Design Inspiration March 25, 2015

Make it yours: Tips to customize your furniture

custom furniture how-to

When you think about it, customizing your furniture is just like customizing your wardrobe.
You don’t buy the custom-made designer gown to get a unique look for date night. You just swap out your accessories, shoes and clutch paired with your favorite little black dress for an affordable style that’s unique and different.

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Design Inspiration March 09, 2015
Living room organization

Get organized: Pinterest-worthy living spaces

We’ve all seen those gorgeous living room Pinterest  pics. Everything is so perfectly styled that it makes you wonder if any living is actually happening in those rooms or if they’re for display purposes only. 
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Design Inspiration February 25, 2015
Tiny House Nation small space living

4 ways to live large in small spaces

Are you intrigued by the tiny living trend, too? People from across the country are embracing this minimalist lifestyle for a variety of reasons — lower costs (building and land), less energy usage, lower taxes and even the simple challenge of it. How small are we talking? Often 300 square feet or less!
In fact, since spotting a few of our own Sauder pieces on the show Tiny House Nation (check out the photos on Facebook),  we’re all wondering if bigger really is better.
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Design Inspiration February 10, 2015
2015 home décor trends

Tackling 2015 home décor trends: What’s hot and what’s not

I get jazzed this time of year, because not only does turning the page on a new calendar mean new design trends, for me it means the beginning of trade show travel season.
All the best international design and home furnishings shows happen this time of year, and I get to spend a few weeks each spring traveling to faraway places like Milan, Cologne, Frankfurt and Stockholm, gathering the latest in home décor trends. (It’s a rough life, I know. But somebody’s gotta do it!)
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Design Inspiration January 22, 2015

Double Take: side table

Double Take side table

Double Take: side table

According to Merriam Webster, a side table is a table designed to be put against a wall.
This may come as a surprise to you, but I’ve never been a “by the books” kind of guy. And it’s a good thing, because I couldn’t disagree more with this dictionary definition of a side table.
If you ask me, a side table doesn’t need to be put against a wall, and it doesn’t need to be put alongside anything.
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