Design Inspiration July 20, 2015

Meet our new designers: Rachel & May

Not going to lie — being a furniture designer sounds like one of the coolest jobs ever. They get to travel the world for inspiration (like Cologne and Stockholm), attend awesome trade shows, and they’ve got the pulse on the latest and greatest design trends out there. 

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Design Inspiration July 02, 2015
Blogger Confidential Kari and Caitlin

Blogger Confidential: Kari & Caitlin

We often hear that it’s hard to balance both a beautifully styled space and one that keeps clutter organized and out of sight. But we promise, to achieve a clean and magazine-worthy home, you don’t need to purge all your belongings! It’s more about using the space wisely and strategically showcasing certain items. 
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Design Inspiration June 26, 2015
Make it yours: Fun ways to customize your back panel with kid-friendly designs

Make it yours: Fun ways to customize your back panel with kid-friendly designs

We’re bringing you another round of “Jack-Your-Back” for your Sauder back panel! Remember when we showed you how a little wallpaper can change the whole look of your piece?
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Design Inspiration June 17, 2015
Blogger Confidential Liz and Beth

Blogger Confidential: Liz & Beth

“While I think it is important to know what one likes, finding the exact words that box in and neatly describe one’s style is much less important.” We couldn’t have said it any better than Beth from Home Stories A to Z. Although it’s nice to classify which design or style playground you like to play in, there’s no reason to feel confined to one specific style.
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Design Inspiration June 08, 2015
One piece styled five ways, Soft Modern Side Table

Five ways to fab: side table

Creating a style is about so much more than finding the right piece ― it’s about how you play up the piece’s strengths to create a cohesive environment in your home. I think some people get stuck in the trap of buying furniture thinking, “Wow, this is cool. It’ll speak for itself.” But after looking at how these bloggers styled the same bold statement piece in vastly different ways, you’ll see there’s no reason to let one piece of furniture do all the talking. 
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