Design Inspiration April 17, 2014

Style chronicles: Urban Classic

Urban Classic mood board

Personal style doesn’t come from a catalog. It doesn’t usually happen overnight. Whatever your design style, it’s typically cultivated over time — and chances are, it changes over time, too.
After years of decorating various spaces I’ve lived in, I’ve defined my style as Urban Classic.
It’s a sophisticated, timeless look, mixing found objects, family mementos and warm, earthy colors. It works for my family.  As a father, I need something homey and kid-friendly, but I also want a space that is functional and sophisticated for dinner parties. A mix of traditional and modern pieces, along with some leather and dark wood, provides a classic, comfortable look that works for kids and adults alike. 

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Design Inspiration April 16, 2014
Lacey at High Point Market Vintage Eclectic display

Top Sauder trends from Spring High Point Market 2014

It’s my favorite time of year. No, I’m not talking about the holidays, or even my birthday. I’m talking about High Point Market.
High Point Market, or #hpmkt if you’re following the show on social media, is the largest home furnishings trade show in the world. We’re talking 180 buildings, more than 2,000 exhibitors and approximately 75,000 attendees. The best part — it happens twice a year.
The furniture design trends and inspiration are endless at a show this size. But when we break it down and take a look inside the Sauder showroom, there are a few strong trends driving the designs of today. Customization, multifunction and new finishes were everywhere at this year’s #hpmkt.
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Design Inspiration April 09, 2014
Mark’s home office

Get organized: Arranging the home office

As a designer, I like to personalize my home office with an eclectic mix of unique and vintage pieces. There’s my desk, which was my father’s very first desk he purchased for his new accounting business after World War II, and a custom painting of the Missouri landscape.
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Design Inspiration April 05, 2014
DIY pillow cover

DIY Tutorial: Creating a pillow cover

When I’ve got a few bucks in my pocket, I love to thrift shop. I’m forever searching for goose down pillows. They almost always have an encased, zippered bag, making it easy to ditch the crazy fabric and create a new cover! 
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Design Inspiration April 02, 2014
before and after chair reuphostery

Big impact, small budget, no problem

Full disclosure: I’m a DIY junkie.
There’s not a room in my house that I haven’t Pinterest-ified. Having recently purchased a home in need of more than a little TLC, my husband and I know all about remodeling, remaking and reinventing a space.
Believe it or not, no matter how small your budget is, it’s possible to make a big impact on a small budget. If you’re a first timer — like we all were at one point or another — follow these four guidelines to get started transforming your space from the top down.
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