Design Inspiration October 22, 2014

Double Take: Dresser

Double Take dresser

What holds your clean clothes, serves your buffet dinner and contains your hobby room clutter?
If you guessed a dresser, you’ve been reading my mind!

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Design Inspiration October 09, 2014
Double Take accent seating

Double Take: Accent seating

The dinner menu is planned, and the mix-your-own-cocktail bar is stocked. The playlist is downloaded, and the iPod is charged. Sounds like you’ve thought about all of the entertaining essentials. You’re just about ready to host the perfect fall get-together.

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Design Inspiration October 03, 2014
how to host a fabulous fall party

How to: Host a fabulous fall party

Search the Internet and you’ll find hundreds of articles on the “best tips for entertaining” and “hosting a stress-free holiday party.” Even as a veteran host of countless holiday parties, I find these tips extremely helpful for planning for Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas brunch. But what about those more spontaneous fall get-togethers? Like a football party or Halloween bash? 
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Design Inspiration September 23, 2014

Fall Color Forecast

fall 2014 color trends

Fall Color Forecast

All it takes is a quick glance out a window or a casual flip through a catalog to see the beautiful fall colors. Reds, oranges and browns surround us this time of year, and while these traditional hues are great, there’s so much more to creating a stunning fall color palette.

In honor of the first day of fall, we’re giving you a few more color options to add to your home décor this season. No need to thank us. (But if you’re in the area, a warm pumpkin spice latte would do the trick!).
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Design Inspiration September 17, 2014
home workspaces we love

5 inspired workspace ideas from our favorite bloggers

Recently, we asked what your ideal workspace says about you. (And hopefully you used our infographic to find out!) Whether you’re a WorkhorseJack (or Jill) of All Trades or even a Comfort King (or Queen), there are a million different ways to make your workspace efficient, productive and, most important, uniquely you.
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