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Ideas Want to make the most of every room in your home? You've come to the right place.

7 nontraditional desks that mean business
While a large, traditional desk may work in some home offices, it might not be what you had in mind for your multipurpose workspace. Especially as computers and tech gadgets have gotten smaller, less is becoming more.
We asked four bloggers what their favorite home office desk alternatives are and got some great ideas. Here are 7 nontraditional desk options.

1     Sauder Select Kirby Desk

Kirby Desk nontraditional desk

I really like the slim profile and flexible design. Built for productivity, simple as that. — Bruno Bornzstein of Curbly 

2     International Lux Accent Storage Cabinet

International Lux Accent Storage Cabinet nontraditional desk
Photo Credit: Melissa George of Polished Habitat

This could be a desk or workspace, but also an entry table or nightstand. It also could easily conceal all the necessities for a home office. — Jess McGurn of Bright Green Door 

3     New Grange Dining Table

New Grange Dining Table nontraditional desk

This is such a classic and perfect spread-your-work-out piece. — Lana Katsaros of Making a House a Home 

4     Edge Water SmartCenter® Secretary

Edge Water SmartCenter Secretary nontraditional desk

This is perfect for a hallway or kitchen to hide away all the to-do, like a pop-up office. — Lana Katsaros of Making a House a Home 

5     Carson Forge Sofa Table

Carson Forge Sofa Table nontraditional desk
Photo Credit: Jessi Wohlwend of Practically Functional

It’s perfect for a small space. It can easily double as a desk area to get work done right behind your couch, so it’s unsuspecting and multifunctional. Bonus: You can watch TV while you work. — Lana Katsaros of Making a House a Home 

6     Cannery Bridge Work Table

Cannery Bridge Work Table nontraditional desk
Photo Credit: Kelly Rowe of Live Laugh Rowe

If you typically stand more than you sit in your office, a worktable is a great option. It is taller than a traditional desk, approximately counter-height, and you can easily fit a stool underneath. — Liz Fourez of Love Grows Wild 

7     Edge Water Lift-top Coffee Table

Edge Water Lift Top Coffee Table nontraditional desk

A coffee table with a desk built in! How cool is that? Sit on your comfy couch, turn on a show in the background, and crank away at that project you’ve been meaning to start on. — Sauder’s pick
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