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Sauder summer interns

5 memories from the Sauder summer interns

Before sending our fab summer interns on their way for their final semesters at school, we asked them what they’d miss most about their days here at Sauder.

We knew they’d learned some valuable life lessons throughout the summer, but we never would have guessed these were the memories they’d carry with them from their summer internship.

intern napping on sofacon in furniture gallery
Napping Product testing in the furniture showroom. It’s hard work, but somebody’s got to do it.

intern hugging mannequin
Making new friends. Some call it networking. Others see it as giving a mannequin a hug.
(You say potato, I say potato.)

interns riding Sauder Village train
Riding the train at Sauder Village. It’s not your typical commute.

intern eating ice cream cone at Homestead Ice Cream Shop
Keeping the brain sharp with caffeine and sugary treats. Morning coffee breaks in the break room, afternoon ice cream breaks at Homestead Ice Cream Shop. Now that’s the life.

intern shopping home décor in prop closet
“Shopping” for style inspiration in the photography prop closet. Talk about affordable style
on a college student’s budget (FREE!).

A big thanks to our interns — Stephen, Ashley and Amber — for their help this summer. Enjoy your semester back at school. We’ll miss you — and those props you raided from the prop closet!

(We’re just playing around. No props were harmed in the development of this blog post.)
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