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luxurious upholstered headboard

5 things you didn’t know mattered about headboards

A headboard can automatically launch you and your bedroom into a world of sophistication from which you’ll never turn back. So, stop what you’re doing and commence OPERATION HEADBOARD!

Here are five things you didn’t know about selecting the right headboard, courtesy of Alicia Lacy of Curbly:
1.     Finish.

For most of us, the bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom and can easily set the tone for your space. Do you want something soft and romantic, like a linen upholstery? Or do you want something sleek and natural, like leather or woodgrain?

The ivory Palladia Queen Headboard is a contrast against the colorful printed
wall tapestry, creating a bold look in Sharon Garofalow’s bedroom.
2.     Size matters. 

A standard headboard measures 48″ tall (including the legs). Choosing something lower will give your bed a more modern look and lower profile; something taller will add more drama and impact.

EXPERT TIP: Understand how the headboard is mounted before buying. Some attach to the bedframe, while others are wall-mounted. If your space is rented, you may opt for a headboard that attaches directly to the bedframe instead.
3.     Mix and match.

A set of matching furniture just isn’t for everyone. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and get eclectic in your bedroom. If you have a big, overstuffed chair or ottoman at the foot of the bed, consider a leather or wooden headboard to add some visual interest. Similarly, if your room already has a large wooden armoire or dresser, soften those edges with a beautiful upholstered headboard.

Tasha Agruso pairs the tufted upholstered Shoal Creek Queen Headboard in a
camel color with other rustic accent pieces for a soft, romantic style.
4.     Contrast or blend in?

Think about your wall color; if it’s a deep, saturated tone, consider a contrasting headboard to make the bed pop. On the other hand, a headboard that blends in with the wall color will give the room a quieter, calmer look. Choosing a neutral color gives you the opportunity to swap out bedding, curtains and accessories more often.

With bright pops of pink, Stephanie Gerber dresses up the neutral
Shoal Creek Queen Headboard  in her guest bedroom.

traditional neutral Palladia upholstered headboard
5.     Extra storage.

Small spaces can benefit from a bookcase headboard or platform bed with storage. While style options may be limited for these pieces, sometimes you just can’t ignore your functional needs for bedroom storage.

Top headboard image courtesy of Jessica Bailey.
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