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Commit a random act of kindness — by paying it backward

From the economy and politics to bad service and Mondays, there’s plenty to complain about in the world. That’s why it’s so refreshing when something positive comes along that restores your faith in humanity.  
We’re especially in love with a new trend called “paying it backward” that is gaining momentum in recent months. It began at drive-thru windows — someone pulls around to pay for coffee, only to discover the person in the car ahead already paid for it. What began as one or two accounts on local news broadcasts has grown into a nationwide phenomenon. In a world that sometimes seems cold and unfeeling, this is a wonderful way to benefit a stranger in a unique and meaningful way.
Whether you pay for the lunch of the person in line behind you or think bigger, there are lots of ways to pay it backward and make a difference in someone’s day — or life.
Trends come and go, but paying it backward is one we hope has some staying power.
What random acts of kindness have you committed lately? How did it make you feel? Share your stories in the comments section and keep the good karma flowing.
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