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get the seaside oasis look at home

Create a seaside oasis from coast to coast

Imagine for a moment you’re sitting on the back patio of a beach house, overlooking the ocean and hearing waves crash against the shore. Calming, right? I mentioned in a recent post that I love relaxing without an agenda when I’m on vacation. It’s a time to clear my mind for new inspiration!
Even if you don’t find yourself beachside this summer, it is possible to infuse some seaside-inspired relaxation into your surroundings. Simple changes to your décor can make big waves (Ha!). Here are my top tips for creating a nautical ocean oasis:
  • Bring the beach indoors. Natural objects can make fabulous focal pieces in the living room or as a dining table centerpiece. Consider bright-colored coral for a little pop or play with driftwood for some natural beauty.

  • Create a summery arrangement. Find a large glass hurricane or wide-mouthed jar to collect and display your nautical finds, such as sand, shells, starfish, sunglasses or even a small photo.
  • Maintain a light and airy feel. Simple furnishings, natural light and subtle paint colors will create the feeling of a calming beach house. Ditch the heavy curtains and instead focus on coastal wall art or nautical-themed pillows to maintain that soothing vacation feel.

  • Play around with texture. Include basket-woven or rope details (like these curtain tie-backs) for real nautical appeal. Just don’t go overboard (Overboard. Nautical. Get it?) — too much of these elements can appear a bit excessive.

  • Don’t forget to relax! Kick your feet up on ottomans or poufs. Place comfy, oversized floor pillows around the room for plenty of lounging space, and don’t forget side tables for easily accessible tropical beverages. After all, what seaside oasis is complete without umbrella drinks?

Want more inspiration? Check out our vacation cottage Pinterest board. Or if you prefer an urban oasis over a seaside escape, check out Lacey’s post on chic hotel décor.

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