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Midcentury Modern living room with entertainment storage wall

Room Tour: A functional and stylish DIY entertainment wall

Meghan Dyal of @ahoynative wasn’t the least bit intimidated when it came to faking her own custom built-in entertainment wall. With a window to work around and a need for plenty of places to stash the clutter from her family of five, Meghan created a perfect solution by combining two matching bookcases with a storage credenza.
Tour Meghan’s Tallahassee, Florida, living room to see how she maximized storage while creating a functional focal point.
Midcentury Modern entertainment stand wall storage
The Midcentury Modern bookcases and credenza have complementary designs without side or top molding/trim, making it easy to arrange multiple pieces side by side for a seamless entertainment wall appearance.
Midcentury Modern credenza and bookcase storage

Midcentury Modern credenza with hidden storage

The credenza can hold up to a 55″ TV and has a top shelf with a lot of depth. This shelf is special because it features a flip-up front Vanishing Drawer® to store and hide media. 
Midcentury Modern bookcase with doors in living room
Sliding doors on the bottom of the wide bookcases make it easy for Meghan to keep essentials within reach but also hidden for safekeeping.
Midcentury Modern bookcase storage
Midcentury Modern entertainment credenza, bookcase with doors
For more variety or to create a faux custom built-in in a smaller space, mix wide and narrow bookcases for a variety of shelf, door and drawer storage.  
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