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Dining room and dining table with accent lighting

Home Tour: Jenni Radosevich’s rustic-chic dining room

Name: Jenni Radosevich, I Spy DIY
Location: Wisconsin
Room in the home: Dining Room
How long you’ve lived here: Renting — 3 months
How you’d describe it: Inviting, warm
If your room were a food, it would be …: A stew served with warm dipping bread on a cold winter day.
Dining table with chairs, silverware and plates

Jenni from I Spy DIY knows how important it is to set the right tone in your home. Before she got her hands on it, this dining room had a jarringly bright red color that clashed with the neutral-toned house. A few coats of paint later, Jenni brightened up the space to craft a comfortable area for family dining.
Take her tour and learn how to transform even the most complicated areas of your house.
Dining chairs, dining table, green chair

It starts with the chairs
The walls may have been the most distracting part of this space, but planning the makeover began with an entirely different element — the chairs. When Jenni found these chairs, she instantly fell in love with their color and finish.
“I was SUPER excited to use the mint chairs and matte finish. A lot of my décor was based around the design of these gorgeous chairs!”
Dining room, chairs, table
The mint New Grange Café Chairs became the color inspiration, so the red walls had to go. Painting the walls white immediately made the room feel bigger and more welcoming while simultaneously taking her one step closer to her life goal of eliminating all red walls everywhere.
Dining room chairs and table

Bring on the cozy!
Neutralizing the wall color made the chairs the focal point of the room. With these two things in place, she focused on adding more warmth and coziness to the space. Jenni added a rug and some throw pillows to soften the space and make it more inviting.
“That rug was a game changer! It really tied the room together. Adding pillows and throws on the spare chair, in addition to the linens and other textures, really helped warm the space.”
With hygge on her mind, Jenni decided on the woodgrain finish of the New Grange Dining Table to help further warm the space while keeping the palette neutral. This combined with a few natural plants made the dining room more comfortable.
EXPERT TIP: Sometimes, using fewer colors is better. One or two bright colors means each statement piece will make an enormous impact on the room.
Dining room entryway

Dining room and chairs, area rug

Chair, blanket, pillows and bookcase

Transform unused space
In this space, Jenni reimagined an underused closet space to make a big statement. She created an open-concept décor display and bar cart area. The New Prairie Horizontal Bookcase was just what the space needed for a dash of style and function. The matte black finish with gold accents helped make the area pop.
“The bookcase fit in there perfectly and allowed me to make good use of the space. It’s a great spot to have drink supplies out and ready for when you come home after work and want to relax and unwind with a cocktail.”
EXPERT TIP:  Don’t be afraid to mix metals! Play with combining metals like copper, silver and gold with matte black to achieve a chic design.
Dining room storage space
Bar cart and glasses

Not only does the new space provide aesthetic appeal but also it serves as a great buffet or bar cart for hosting guests.
Dining room table, candles and wine

By using a mix of copper, glass and white accents, Jenni created a modern but warm dining space. Candles create mood lighting for large-group meals or intimate dinners.
Dining room, table and chairs, food, candles, china

What was once a jarring, red room in an otherwise welcoming open-concept family home became a warm, inviting dining room with a mix of earth-tones, metal accents and clean whites. Jenni chose a more subtle color accent by introducing green chairs into an otherwise neutral environment, and it worked seamlessly. Experiment with unused spaces in your home and make your nook a major attraction — not a place to avoid.
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