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Home Tour: Tyler and Haylee’s stylish urban loft

Home Tour: Tyler and Haylee’s stylish urban loft

How do two downtown dwellers turn a modern urban loft into their cozy new home that’s perfect for entertaining? Check out the video below to find out!
Name: Tyler and Haylee Shelton, Tribe Tyler
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Room in the home: Living room and kitchen
How long you’ve lived here: 4 months
Whether you’re a people person or a stay-at-home person, you probably want your space to be as cozy and comfortable as possible. 
After moving into a new loft apartment, Tyler and Haylee from Tribe Tyler found out the importance of having a home that brings you comfort and happiness. For them, it all began with a solid foundation: the furniture. The furniture had to set the vibe and create the backdrop for their lives. They picked pieces that allowed them to relax in private but also entertain with friends. The simplicity and modern style of the Sauder Boutique and North Avenue collections brought the necessary warmth they were looking for without overwhelming the space. 
After finding the right furniture, Tyler and Haylee added in elements of comfort — like board games, cocktails and a few friends — to create a spot to gather. After all, it’s the people who fill your space and the memories you make that turn a house into a home. 
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