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Five fall décor ideas to make your home a cozy hideaway

1. Bring out the warm fabrics.
Are you a lightweight when it comes to blankets? Time to bulk up, friend. Cover up in coziness with a blanket that means business. And if that’s not enough, you can trade up on your regular sheets with some furry flannel.
warm blankets

2. Incorporate natural accents into your décor.
Pumpkins and apples and pinecones? Oh my. Keep a basket of bright red apples on the kitchen table — and snatch one per day to keep the doctor away. Or display a few pumpkins by the back door or window for natural pops of seasonal color. Prefer a more rustic look? Display a pinecone or two in a clear glass dish.

3. Add entryway storage.
Free up your foyer when it’s freezing outside. Place a coat rack or basket near the door to help contain the clutter.
4. Roll out the rugs.
On those cold fall mornings when no one wants to get out of bed, it’s nice to curl your toes in a soft rug. Add ’em outside, too, to soak up moisture from wet shoes and boots.
5. Fill the air with comforting scents.
Fall-scented candles are sure to get anyone fired up for fall. A variety of orange, red and yellow will add a cornucopia of color to a mantle, coffee table or nightstand. Want more? Grab a pack of bamboo skewers to make your own reed diffuser. Put essential oils in a small vase or container, drop in the skewers and enjoy the scent. As the reeds dry, simply flip them over for another burst of aromatherapy.
fall colored candles

For an extra cozy feeling, make a donation.
When hoarding hot chocolate and pumpkin pie for those cool fall nights, consider buying extra canned goods to donate to a local food bank. Families in need will appreciate it. Also consider donating to charities that accept winter coats and warm blankets. Your generosity will help keep bellies full and bodies warm.
food pantry

What are some of your fall décor ideas?
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