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Garage Sale Challenge Kayte and Keely faceoff

Garage Sale Challenge: Facelifts for Functional Pieces

While Shawn and Lacey have been tossing friendly smack talk back-and-forth throughout Sauder HQ, we caught up with our next round of Garage Sale Challenge participants — Kayte and Keely.
Kayte Cass, a graphic designer and set designer, kept pace by bringing an outdated ’70s piece to the here and now.
Garage Sale Challenge Kayte’s upholstery paint chair makeover
Who knew upholstery paint could look so good?
Sauder Editor: So where’d you find this neat chair?
Kayte Cass: I actually nabbed it for free while visiting some family. The color was pretty bad and definitely wasn’t going to fit with the rest of my décor, but I liked the vintage style and decided it had some serious potential. It swivels, rocks and is super comfy!
SE: It looks like a totally different chair. Did you reupholster it?
KC: No, actually! I decided this was going to be a learning experience and gave some upholstery spray paint  a try, which I was very hesitant to do. After checking out some reviews and tutorials online, I decided to take the plunge.
SE: Well, don’t leave us hanging! How did it turn out?
KC: The spray paint left the upholstery a little scratchy, but, it’s getting softer the more I use it (or should I say, the more my pup uses it!). Plus, the color is so much better than it was before!
SE: Agreed. So tell us. Did you stay under budget?
KC: Yes, but even though I got the chair for free, I did end up spending $40 on four cans of the upholstery paint. I will say, though, that it was definitely worth my time and money!
Keely Geringer, a design and production assistant, merged function and inspiration with her simple, yet creative, DIY project.
Garage Sale Challenge Keely’s mail organizer makeover
Keely proves that functional can be fun, too!
Sauder Editor: Tell us about your awesome thrift store score.
Keely Geringer: No one can have too much organization, right? When my mom and I spotted this mail organizer at Goodwill, we decided it’d be perfect for the kitchen. Mail and newspapers usually get stacked on the kitchen counter, so having wall storage for these kinds of items seemed like a smart idea!
SE: Looks like you gave it a nice little makeover. How’d you refresh the organizer?
KG: The kitchen has a nice color palette that features some rich reds and browns. That’s why I chose Krylon Paint + Primer in Gloss Leather Brown for the metal part of the organizer. I gave it two coats of paint for the deep brown color.
SE: And you got creative with the pouches, too.
KG: Absolutely! Lucky for me, they aren’t actually sewn onto the metal — they’re attached with Velcro, which means I could take them off, wash them and add my own creative flair! I chose some motivational quotes, sketched them onto the canvas first with pencil and then used Scribbles 3D fabric paint in Wine Cordial over the pencil. The squeeze tube made it super simple to apply.
SE: So how’d you do with the budget?
KG: Really well, actually. I already had the fabric paint, the organizer only cost me $10 and the spray paint was less than that. It was an inexpensive project that cost me less than $20. What’s most important though is that it’s very useful, and I love it!
Who wins this round? You decide! In the comments below, let us know which competitor’s refreshed find should be entered into the thrifting hall of fame. 
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