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Garage Sale Challenge

Garage Sale Challenge: The Rules

One of our favorite summer activities starts with waking up early on a Saturday morning, pouring some coffee into a travel mug and grabbing some snacks for the road. Where are we headed? Garage sales, of course!
We’d be lying if we said we didn’t secretly imagine the opening for “Eye of the Tiger” as we buckle our seat belts, throw on some sunglasses and shift into drive, braced for the (friendly) battle of finding items with lots of potential and haggling for a good deal. Ready or not, here we come.
In fact, we like the competitive side of garage saling so much, we’ve challenged a few of our creative minds at Sauder to a Garage Sale Challenge!
The goal of the challenge is to find the best furniture piece or home décor item that can be repurposed or restyled in a way that meshes with each challenger’s current style. Maybe it’s an old lamp that needs a new coat of paint or an outdated TV stand that can be used for playroom storage.
Here are the rules:
  • Each competitor gets four nonconsecutive hours to visit garage sales to find that one awesome discovery, so if they turn up empty-handed after their first day out, they can give it another go.
  • Garage salers are sticking to a $50 budget (and that has to include any supplies needed to refinish or create).
  • Garage sale “finds” must fit into existing décor — it’s all about blending the old with the new for that Vintage Eclectic look! 

Seriously, the opportunities for creative yard sale hacks are endless.
And the best part? YOU get to choose the winner on our Facebook page and in each blog post’s comments section. The fate of the future Garage Sale King or Queen lies in your hands.
Speaking of which, meet our competitors:
Garage Sale Challenge competitors
(Row 1) Kayte, Chad, Shawn, (Row 2) Mark, Lacey and Keely.
We’ll share the before-and-after photos and tell you all about the thrifting adventures in faceoff blog posts later this month.
Until then, Garage Sale Challenge participants, may the odds be ever in your favor!
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