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Garage Sale Challenge tips and tricks

Garage Sale Challenge: Tips and Tricks

Last week, we announced our first-ever Garage Sale Challenge for some of the creative-minded folks here at Sauder.

But we bet you have some serious talent when it comes to seeing the opportunities in someone else’s castoffs, too.

We want to see what fabulous finds you can repurpose or re-create for your space. Complete the challenge with us and then share your amazing garage sale finds on Facebook!

But before you get started, read the rules for the challenge and enjoy these tips for being a garage sale pro:

  1. Leaving empty-handed doesn’t make you a loser. A lot of people think that they’ve failed if they don’t find something awesome during their first outing (and this is why our challengers can venture out multiple times). Finding just the right piece may take some time, so be patient. And don’t spend your money on anything you don’t really want or need. Don’t make a purchase if it’s not the right fit for your space (and we mean that literally — get out that tape measure).
  1. When the price is a little higher than you want to pay, negotiate. It never hurts to ask – just be polite about it. If you’ve seen similar items at other sales or online, don’t be afraid to mention that. Plus, share your creative plans with the seller. Often, people really enjoy hearing their belongings will have a second life and may lower the price if they know that beloved dresser from their childhood is going to a good home.
  1.  Be prepared. This means having enough cash on hand, having a big enough vehicle to take home large items and, most important, having some snacks! You may walk right by an item with great potential if you’re "hangry".

Want more? Check out The Nesting Place’s yard sale tips for buyers and sellers or take a peek at Mental Floss’ list of eight amazing garage sale finds (including a diamond-encrusted pendant shaped like LeBron’s jersey).

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