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Get organized: Banish bedroom clutter

In our “Get organized!” series, John offered tips on taming the clutter in your kitchenShawn helped you tackle the kids’ room, and Mark showed you how to create an office oasis.  
I’m going to talk about organization tips for the room that is, in my opinion, the most important one in the house. It’s where you begin and end your day: the bedroom.
First, something for you to consider. Which scenario sounds more enjoyable to you? Stumbling out of bed, tripping over mounds of unfolded laundry and stubbing your toe on a stack of last month’s magazines to reach the alarm clock? Or waking up fully rested in an airy, peaceful sanctuary where the dresser surface is clean and the carpet is visible? The latter, right?
If you’re like me, your bedroom probably is the place where you spend the most time, other than maybe the office. So let’s make it a place we enjoy!
5 ways to tame bedroom clutter

1.       Clear out the closet. Do you avoid opening your closet because you’re afraid it will explode? The first step to a truly organized bedroom is going through your clothes, linens and shoes. Have you worn or used the items in the last year? You may not want to admit it, but most of your clothes probably go unworn. If it still has tags on it or you found it in the back of the closet, donate it to someone who needs it more. A good rule of thumb: For each new item you buy, donate one item.
Try this trick: Hang all clothes on hangers facing outward. Once you wear a piece, swap the hanger to face inward. After six months or a year, you’ll easily see which items haven’t been worn. Time to clear it out!
2.       Use every inch of storage space. Take advantage of vertical closet space with closet storage systems, stackable storage cabinets and different height clothing rods. Double your closet space by using a soda can tab placed over a hanger to extend your clothing rod real estate.
For freestanding storage options, select dressers with extra deep drawers, and use drawer dividers to arrange large or bulky clothing items. Like packing a suitcase, rolling T-shirts and gym clothes helps save space in dresser drawers.
3.       Stow it (all) away. If your organization project includes purchasing new bedroom furniture, choose every piece with storage in mind.
Modern bedside table storage

Bedside tables with drawers or shelves can store smaller items like e-readers and magazines. Make smart use of the space. Keep the top clutter-free with wall-mounted lighting.
Storage chests placed at the end of the bed can store extra blankets or an unruly shoe collection. Seasonal clothes and bed linens can be stored long-term in an armoire or in vacuum-sealed storage bags rather than being stuffed on the top shelf of your closet.
4.       Incorporate clothing in your décor. Surround yourself with the things you love by storing colorful, frequently used clothing accessories out in the open. This can be something as simple as mounting a vintage hook to the wall for displaying necklaces (a great way to keep necklaces from tangling, too), or filling a fabric-lined basket with scarves.
Stack decorative cake plates to create a tiered accessory, makeup or perfume display. You can get to them quickly, and they can serve as part of your bedroom décor. If you’re crafty, repaint an old ladder and display your favorite high heels.
5.       Ditch the bad habits. If you’re anything like me, the last thing you want to do at the end of each day is clean up. But ditching bad bedroom organization habits is necessary to taming the chaos.
Don’t toss dirty laundry on the floor or on the accent chair — make sure it finds the hamper. Fold or hang clean laundry right away to avoid wrinkles — and the tripping hazard associated with a pile of unfolded laundry. It seems obvious (and easy), but it’s the small habits that can make a big difference.
The ideas for bedroom organization are endless. Check out Pinterest for more inspiration for your bedroom.
If you’ve recently restored order to your bedroom, tell us all about it! What worked for you?
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