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Sauder Holiday Gift Guide for city dwellers and college students

Gift Guide: City dweller and college student

Only 16 more days ‘til Christmas! (No pressure or anything.)
If you’re still finishing up your holiday shopping, do not fear. We’ve got two more installations of our holiday Gift Guide series for you.
In our first holiday Gift Guide series, we shared gift ideas for the socialites on your list, like the entertainers, foodies and new homeowners. Now it’s time to find gifts for that special someone on your list who might not have it all, but most likely because they just don’t have room for it!
We’re talking about those living in smaller spaces, like the city dweller and the college student.
Being an urban city dweller myself in Los Angeles, I’ve gotten my fair share of “way too big for my space” and “where am I supposed to put this” gifts. Here’s my go at trying to help others living in small spaces with gifts that’ll be the perfect fit (pun intended!).
Gifts for the city dweller
For the city dweller who’s tight on space, give compact pieces with glass elements, sleek lines and stylish storage so they can make the most of apartment or loft living.

  • Counter-height stools — Multipurpose pieces are city dwellers’ saving grace. Select adjustable counter-height stools that can be moved around the apartment from the snack bar to a dining table or work table for functional, stylish seating. 
  • Glass coffee table or side table — Give a round, glass-topped coffee table or side table as a gift this holiday season. Round tables are perfect for city dwellers because they can nestle into other furniture (and small spaces) well. Your favorite city dweller will love the glass tops because it helps keep a space light, open and airy, unlike solid, bulky furniture. 
  • Tower bookcase — When floor space is limited, look up. Tower bookcases with four or five shelves give height and dimension to a small footprint. Give a tower bookcase with open shelving to create the illusion of wide open space in an apartment or loft.
Gifts for the college student
You’ve been there — you’re enjoying the freedom of adulthood but still living on hand-me-downs. For the college student on your shopping list, try these modern, functional pieces that have a style and quality they’ll be proud to call their own. 

  • Upholstered accent chair — It’s comfy for studying, can be used around the dinner table when mom and dad come to visit, and is perfect for those Walking Dead marathons. A lightweight and low-profile upholstered accent chair is super-versatile in a dorm room or first apartment.
  • Storage organizer — Who has ever heard of too much storage? Nobody, that’s who. Especially for a college student who has piles of textbooks, DVDs or video games laying around, a cubby storage organizer is a fantastic gift this holiday season. A storage organizer can display photo frames, hold fabric bins of late night snacks, and even become a TV stand. That’s some multipurpose furniture right there.
  • Modern desk — College students and desks go hand in hand, right? A funky, colorful modern desk in a bright color like yellow or peacock blue won’t make them any smarter, but at least they’ll look stylish while studying!
Still not finding the right gift for someone on your list? Check out our Pinterest boards for more gift ideas or watch for our final holiday Gift Guide post of the season coming next week. We’ll be sharing ideas for the crafter, outdoorsman and parent. Surely that’ll help check off those last few people on your list, right?!?
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