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Make it yours: Fun ways to customize your back panel with kid-friendly designs

Make it yours: Fun ways to customize your back panel with kid-friendly designs

We’re bringing you another round of “Jack-Your-Back” for your Sauder back panel! Remember when we showed you how a little wallpaper can change the whole look of your piece?

In this edition, we have a kids theme going. These three ladies tell us how they customized their back panels for furniture used in their kid’s rooms – bringing some style and a unique, fun spin on Sauder furniture!

Jenni – Barrister Lane Tall Bookcase

The finished piece

I was so excited to start this project because I love making a mark on items by changing their look to make them more unique to me. I’ve always wanted to paint something with Chalk Board paint and thought this was the perfect project to use it on. I absolutely love the 414725 Barrister Lane Tall Bookcase because of all of the storage it has and thought this would be great for my 11-year-old son’s room. I purchased the paint at my local home improvement store along with the other needed supplies which was a 3/8” nap roller and a paint tray liner. I already had my handy brush, so I was ready to go.
After unfolding the back that came with the bookcase, I set it on top of the empty carton to protect my floor. The laminated side was facing down and the unfinished side facing up so this side could be painted. I gave it two coats of paint with a recommended four hours of drying time in between each coat which gave me plenty of time to assemble the rest of the bookcase. I also painted the card sheet to match the back. 

Styled for the teenager

After the paint was dry, I attached the back to the bookcase but I had to wait patiently for three days before I could write on it with chalk. I think the outcome was pretty fabulous if I say so myself, and my son approved. He loves it and can’t wait to change the sayings in chalk. He now has one central place to store his books, movies, games, laptop and Kindle along with a lot of other things 11-year- old boys like to keep.

Jessica – Barrister Lane Highboy TV Stand

Car Garage

When I first heard about this project I was so excited. The possibilities were endless! How fun would it be to create something new from something so cool already?!  So I decided to do something cool for my boys. I found this perfect Barrister Lane High Boy TV Stand, already complete with “garage doors!”

I began buying all kinds of crafty things…paper, stickers, sparkly foam, spray paint, props, you name it. Then I decided to rummage through my stash to see what other goodies I had to begin my master piece…a four cubby boy’s play house!

The beginning process

The TV Stand has four cubbies so I decided to turn the spaces into four “rooms” – a mechanic’s garage, a house garage, a car wash and a storage unit (for toy storage, naturally!). I gave the boys the choice of a man cave or a house garage, and they chose the house garage because they like to dink around in our garage and pretend they are fixing and washing their power wheels.

I started with the car wash because that seemed like the most fun to make…and it was! I cut a cardboard cylinder in half and covered it with sparkly foam to make the carwash. I used ribbon to make the swishy things inside the carwash. Since it was functional, I added a little bit more bling  to ‘fun’ it up. The carwash is officially named the Splish Splash!

On to the garages! My husband, Simon, had fun helping with this one! He cut out little workbenches and car ramps then set up the garage so it was in working order…you know, guy stuff! Simon took the time to add all the little details to the house garage. It’s even complete with an epoxied floor (scrapbook paper)!

And lastly, the storage unit. I needed a place for the boys to store their cars and props. I used two sparkly photo boxes for the units and just put a sign along the back ‘Store –N-Lock’. More than likely, this room will be filled up with toys soon! 

Chrissy – Edge Water Bookcase

Bookcase dreamhouse

My daughter has recently moved into the “doll phase.” You can imagine my dismay seeing all of her dolls and accessories scattered across her floor. It was time for a real solution. Sauder offers many storage solutions that could easily help me clean up this mess, but when we were asked to “Jack-your-Back” my brain started to spin with various ideas. 

If you spend as much time on Pinterest as I do, you’ve seen the bookcases made into dollhouses. How clever! And let’s be real. My daughter might only be into dolls for a short time so why not make a piece I can turn back into a bookshelf later on?

I choose the 414814 Edge Water Bookshelf because it’s practically made to be a dollhouse. The sections are perfect for different rooms, the color of the unit matches her bedroom furniture already, and the shelves leave plenty of space for “dolly” to stand up inside.

There are so many ways to customize a dollhouse, but I’m all about easy. Unfortunately, the sections are a little larger than your standard 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper. You can find wallpaper patterns online and print them on a 12x18 sheet of paper if you have access to a printer that meets that size. Or you could get this job done with a little wallpaper.  I have access to a larger printer so I did a little graphical work laying out patterns on a large sheet.

Styling made easy with spray glue

I learned just how much I love spray adhesive. The hard part of using spray adhesive is shaking it, but who doesn’t love a good arm workout? Spray it on the back, place paper and voila! I glued on a few elements (inspirational quotes, “dolly’s” family pictures, etc.) and then finished it off with a finish spray. I don’t know if you really need the spray, but it helps protect the paper so I figured – why not? After allowing the paper to dry on the flat back, I nailed it to my unit per the instruction booklet.
All of the dolls are able to be stored in the new dollhouse and it keeps mommy and daughter happy! She’s been having so much fun playing house, and it was a really inexpensive way to customize a fun piece. And if she decides she doesn’t want to play with dolls in a few years, then I’ll fill it up with a few good books.

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