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Jack-Your-Back with Wallpaper

Make it yours: Tips to customize your back panel with wallpaper

In March, Shawn gave us tips to customize furniture by swapping out hardware and using other elements to add personality.
Now we've decided that the best way to show you customization ideas for Sauder furniture is to do it ourselves. And that's exactly what we've done in our latest DIY experience. It’s a blog series we're calling “Jack-Your-Back.” 

So what is Jack-Your-Back? 
We know there isn't anything you can do to customize the laminated finishes on our furniture, but the cardboard back panel found on most of our pieces is another story. Customization options are pretty much wide open when it comes to the back panel – as long as it's attached per instructions when you’re done. Who knew, right?
We asked some internal Sauder employees to customize the back panel on a piece that fits into their home style. And we're so excited to share what they came up with. We're focusing on our wallpaper users in this round, but there's plenty more to come. 

Kayte - Adept Storage Credenza: 

Storage Credenza

I wanted to use this Adept Storage Credenza a little different. I already had the Cannery Bridge Stool, and I thought what a great way to use the two pieces together! So I made the credenza a desk.

I bought some Ikat fabric from Hobby Lobby. I was very indecisive while trying to choose fabric, but I really liked how neutral and trendy this fabric was, yet it still seemed timeless like I wouldn't get tired of it too soon.

I assembled my unit, but instead of putting the back on I measured the fabric (which happened to be the exact width already by chance). I didn’t fully attach the back so I could pull the fabric taught. While I was doing this I added nails to the uprights so the fabric was pulled smooth across the back panel. I then finished adding the nails around the back as regularly instructed.
The credenza is a little tall, but the stool is adjustable. And I actually like it because for my 5’4” height I’m able to take a break from sitting and stand perfectly and work on my computer. You could even move a shelf over if you wanted in order to free up some leg space in the cubby where your legs would go. This project was so fun! Such a cool way to make a piece of furniture your own!

Keely - Barrister Lane Bookcase:

Barrister Lane Bookcase

I chose the lovely vintage storefront-looking piece from the Barrister Lane Collection, item 414726 Bookcase.
I got a roll of leftover wallpaper for a buck at a nearby paint store. I thought the print was a really nice modern leaf print that would update the piece in a fun way. And the cream color of the wallpaper helps it jump off the back of the bookcase.
It was pretty simple to apply. I didn’t want to wet it like you normally do when sticking wallpaper to the wall, so I just used mod podge I already had at home and a paintbrush to glue the wallpaper onto the unfinished side of the back.

Keely Wallpapering

It took a little while to do, and I had to keep smoothing it out so there weren’t air pockets or huge creases. I didn’t completely get them out, but you can’t notice it too much.  Once I was finished with one column, I would cut the wallpaper and then line the wallpaper up next to the previous strip so I had to be careful with that and get it to match up perfectly. When I was done, I let it dry overnight and then it was ready to nail on to the back of my unit.
Overall, it was a pretty fun project and I like how it turned out! I envisioned using it as a bathroom piece that could be placed in a hallway or guest bedroom that had all the bathroom necessities so I propped it with those items. I also added some other décor items in too.

Beth - Adept Storage Credenza: 

Wallpapered Adept Storage Credenza

I choose the 418344 Adept Storage Credenza since I needed something that would fit behind my couch and had separate compartments. I chose to use wallpaper to change the back because it would be a quick, easy, but dramatic change.

I used the "unfinished" side of the back since it would be easier to glue the wallpaper to, and also so I could use the wood grain side facing the outside of the unit. This gives the credenza a finished look from all angles. I glued the wallpaper down with mod podge.

Mod Podge

I was careful to line the pattern up as I went so the seams wouldn't be obvious. I chose a wallpaper that was in contrast to the craftsman wood finish, but matches the trim and ceiling of my house. I think it turned out really well!
Our team had a lot of fun showing off their style and got a really unique piece in the process. We're excited to bring you more Jack-Your-Back action. So stay tuned and check out our FacebookPinterest, and Instagram for updates.
And for more inspiration, check out this post about 2015 global design trends or our Double Take series, which shows there’s more than one way to use a certain piece of furniture.
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