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Happy Thanksgiving

Set up your home for Thanksgiving by adding extra welcoming touches

Thanksgiving is just about here, folks. And whether you’re busy preparing the perfect turkey or crafting that corn soufflé, carve out some time to set up a more welcoming environment for you and yours. Especially if you’re lucky enough to have happily helping hands in the kitchen.
You can start off by clearing that trademark pile of mail and magazines off the counter. Then why not unearth those ancient, yet pristine, serving platters? Gotta use ’em sometime. And when you have a moment alone, go on and set the table so everyone’s not bumping into each other come dinnertime.
As for seating, unless you run a successful chair emporium, you probably don’t have 100 matching chairs. That’s all right. Mix in some extras with your dining set. As long as there’s room for everyone, it’s cool.
And if you don’t have a big table, just cover a card table with a nice holiday cloth. Or allow a lucky guest to dine on a lower table while seated on a big fluffy pillow. You don’t need perfectly matching accommodations to have a perfectly marvelous holiday experience.
Thanksgiving table decor

But do keep an ear out for special dietary needs and restrictions. Whether vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or prone to allergies, they’re just as eager to dig in. So let them know you care with a thoughtful menu.
And if you have kiddie concerns, don’t worry. Just snag some crayons, puzzles and board games from the dollar store and maybe even flip on a Disney classic. Parents will be thankful. Trust us.
child Thanksgiving drawing

We can’t wait to spend the holiday with our loved ones. What are your other tips for getting your house ready?
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