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5 must have spring décor solutions

Spruce up your spring style

It’s been a long winter. Even here in Atlanta — which isn’t known for its harsh winters — we’re more than ready for warmer weather. Spring celebrates rebirth and rejuvenation — flowers bloom, trees bud and amateur chefs like me are excited about all the in-season fruits and vegetables we can experiment with. With all this life around you coming out of hibernation, make your living space do the same.
Shake your cabin fever. Do some cleaning and bring some fresh colors into your spring décor. Here’s five tips to get you started.

1.Color me yellow. Before this winter, few had heard of the term “polar vortex.” Now, we’ve survived two polar vortexes. Celebrate with an infusion of sunny shades of yellow. If you prefer an understated approach, a few bunches of daffodils from the grocery store should do the trick. Or, if you subscribe to “go big or go home,” spruce up your space with some yellow pieces. Whether it’s a chair, side table, or ottoman, a little yellow can go a long way.

2.Let there be (natural) light.  One of the upsides of spring? More hours of daylight, of course! Make the most of it by flooding your space with natural light. Arrange mirrors so they reflect the light coming in from the windows. Not only will it increase the light in your space, but it can also help small rooms feel larger. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can fit any budget.
3.Function forward. Warmer weather makes me want to focus on doing things I love — which usually means being outside with my family or coaching my kids’ sports teams. Spring also gives us an opportunity to throw open the windows and do some spring cleaning. Channel those instincts into decluttering the basement or reorganizing the kitchen. Start by rearranging the pantry and finding a versatile kitchen cart, or putting order to the kids’ craft supplies with a craft cupboard.

4.Go bold with neutrals. Neutrals aren’t just shades of beige, cream and grey anymore. Say hello to plum and mossy green. Mix these shades with more traditional neutrals to create an updated look. Start small with throw pillows and blankets, or go all-in with a new neutral sofa — mixing patterns and textures with a more subdued color can make a strong statement without being shocking.
5.Get ready to party. Pinterest has made entertaining more thoughtful and personalized. Plan ahead for your spring and summer parties by getting your space ready now. Set up a mobile bar cart in your living room, or invest in more impactful additions like a sideboard or a cubby storage cabinet.
With so many new trends this spring, it’s hard to go wrong when updating your space. The only no-nos? Breaking the bank and not incorporating your own personal style.
While getting swept up in the latest trends, just don’t forget to make them your own. Mix the furniture and accent pieces that you love with fun, seasonal touches for a look that’s completely “you.”
So tell us, how are you sprucing up your space this spring? Tell us in the comments, or share a before-and-after photo on Facebook
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