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4 secrets to furnishing your small patio or balcony

A small outdoor space shouldn’t stop you from finding furniture that fits, looks chic and meets all your summer outdoor living needs. Check out these four secrets to selecting the best small-space patio and balcony furniture.
1.     Pick a petite table.
Small outdoor table on balcony
Don’t abandon your dreams of outdoor entertaining on your small balcony quite yet. Instead of nixing a dining table altogether, find one that is small and easy to move. A bistro or small-scale table is all you need to host happy hour with close friends or comfortably relax with a cup of coffee.
Red outdoor bistro table
The coated metal construction of the Viabella Bistro Table helps preserve its red color season to season, and the scalloped design gives it subtle, playful detail.
Mobile table for small balcony
The Boulevard Café Dining Table has casters so it can easily be moved indoors, or from one end of the balcony or patio to the other. Its amber tinted glass gives the table an industrial vintage look and keeps the space looking open and airy. 
2.     Find a double-duty side table.
Black metal and matte outdoor patio set
In a small space, pick furniture that serves multiple purposes to make the most of valuable outdoor real estate. The perfect side table can serve as:
  • A cocktail table placed between two chairs
  • An extra stool when two chairs just aren’t enough
  • A stand to display your candles, plants, lanterns vases, games, etc.
  • A larger table — pick a shape that can fit together to create more surface space
Side table for outdoor balcony or patio
The perforated metal top of the Boulevard Café Triangular Side Table makes it the perfect plant stand since water can easily drain. The narrow triangle shape lets you get creative by pairing multiple tables together to make one large round table.
Industrial-style outdoor side table
3.     Choose seating wisely.  
Red outdoor metal chairs
Some outdoor chairs can waste space with big, bulky designs, so choose stackable chairs that have open architecture and a small footprint. The right chairs can even add a pop of color, so if you’re not blessed with a green thumb, your space can still be lively and colorful!
Matte metal chairs for outdoor balcony
The New Grange Café Chairs are available in black, red and green matte metal finish for mixing and matching indoors and out. They are stackable, so extra chairs can be kept in the corner when not in use.
4.     Go for indoor/outdoor capabilities.
Outdoor balcony décor
Save yourself a headache when winter comes. Furnish your outdoor space with indoor-capable items so finding storage space in a closet, garage or apartment storage unit for the off-season isn’t an issue. Pick pieces that are designed for indoor and outdoor use, such as the stackable café chairs that can be repurposed around the dining table when holiday entertaining, or the mobile table that can be used as an extra workspace.
Indoor/outdoor furniture
Choose light-weight furniture that can be easily moved when the seasons change, needs evolve or space is rearranged.
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