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Bedroom office Luna Accent Chair

The Bedroom Office: Rest Assured it’s the Perfect Home Office

Maybe your employer offers a flexible work policy. Or you run a small business. It’s possible you just enjoy the freedom of mobility. Whatever the reason, people are staying at home to get their work done, and they’re doing it in a variety of spaces, including a home office in the bedroom.

We asked Jess McGurn of Bright Green Door to offer tips and bedroom office ideas and share how she makes the most of its limited size. 

1      What are the benefits of your home office in the bedroom?

I spend my entire week working from home. I start the morning in our bedroom, answering emails, and then move to the kitchen or living room. My bedroom workspace is also where I can escape if I’m trying to meet a deadline or get some much needed peace and quiet.

2     What do you consider when selecting furniture for the bedroom workspace?

Bedroom office Kirby Desk Luna Accent Chair Square1 Accent Cart

It’s important to focus on furniture that functions for work but also blends into the style of our bedroom when I’m not working.

3     How large should your work surface be in a bedroom workspace?

Bedroom office Kirby Desk Luna Chair

I always have my laptop, planner and an iced coffee, so I needed a space where I could comfortably spread these things out. I also like having things like my scissors, tape and stapler within arm’s reach.

EXPERT PICK: Sauder Select Kirby Desk: This desk really fits the industrial modern style of the rest of the house. I love that it can store a few things but also is simple and minimalistic
4     What’s your ideal seating for the bedroom office?

Bedroom office Luna Accent Chair

My bedroom office allows me to work alone without interruption. So, I don’t need seating for anyone else, but I do need a chair that‘s comfortable for hours at a time. 

EXPERT PICK: The Luna Accent Chair transitions easily from an accent chair to a desk chair. It’s comfortable for reading and working, and it fits perfectly with the rest of the vintage wood furniture in our room.
5     Bedroom office storage: a lot or a little?

Bedroom office Kirby Desk

The thing I’ve learned about office storage is that when I have too much of it, it ends up getting cluttered and underutilized. I prefer a simple desk with a drawer or two for the absolute necessities. This way it always stays in order and never has the opportunity to become a clutter catcher.
6     Bedroom office storage: open or closed?

Bedroom office Soft Modern Console Bookcase

Open! That way I’m more mindful to keep things organized, rather than hiding a mess behind closed doors. I am able to keep things private with baskets, but it also forces me to keep them all in order. Plus, when planning your bedroom office storage, you want to plan ahead and make room for new finds and supplies.

Expert Pick: The Soft Modern Console Bookcase can store office supplies hidden in baskets, along with additional clothing in the bottom drawers.
7     What makes you feel most comfortable in your work-from-home space?

Bedroom office Kirby Desk Luna Accent Chair

For me, a comfortable workspace involves a cozy chair, nice ambient lighting, and a place where I can sip my iced coffee and turn on music.
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