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count your blessings

What we’re thankful for

Here at Sauder, we’re thankful for our fantastically creative and talented designers and trend managers. They keep us on our toes while cluing us in on the latest trends in the industry.  
That’s why we asked these designing dynamos what they’re most thankful for this year.
Shawn, principal designer:
“I’m thankful for my wife and children, a career I adore, good health, raw pecans and Family Guy.”
raw pecans
Shawn’s favorite snack: raw pecans

Lacey, designer:
“Oh man, I have so much to be thankful for. The health of my friends and family; craft fairs, especially local ones like Toledo Handmade; crock pots for making yummy things during the cold season; and our puppy, Mash.”
girl with dog
Lacey and her puppy, Mash
John, trend and design manager:
“I’m thankful for all my five senses, finding a perfect new color every day, the feeling I get when my children are proud of themselves, fish tacos, my wife appreciating my cooking, that one super cool flea market find, being fortunate enough to see a great deal of the world and the ability to someday see the rest of it.”
homemade chicken coop
Chicken coop made out of recycled found objects John came across at the flea market
Lindsay, merchant:
“I have a lot to be thankful for: amazing family and friends; my dog/fur-baby, Lucy; a job that allows me creative freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to travel the world; DVR; vacations; and the home I share with my husband, Jon — a man who loves to cook.”

Mom two daughters dog
Lindsay with her best friends, her mom and sister-in-law

Hannah, merchant:
“I’m very thankful for my family and friends for their unconditional love and support; being part of the Sauder family and the opportunity to venture to new places; my significant other who keeps me grounded, my rug rats (dogs) and their selfless love; Mom’s home-cooked gumbo (and the leftovers that come with it); smartphones and Cold-EEZE.”
two dogs
Hannah’s dogs, Pepe and Momo

What about you, creative folks? What are you thankful for this season?
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