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Make bold choices with colorful furniture: side table and cabinet

Bold décor choices we love

There is an infinite number of ways to make a room or home look spectacular. Everyone has their own unique perspective to bring to life. But sometimes, there’s a space that just has that “wow” factor. An unexpected element that takes a space from average to astounding.
Taking risks with paint, furniture or DIY projects isn’t easy. But a little bravery can result in bold choices that pay off in a major way. Here are some tips to inspire you to think outside the box with your home décor.
Tip 1: Make a statement with vibrant color choices.
Yes, colorful throw pillows or a piece of brightly colored artwork is a great start. But why not choose a colorful furniture piece in your favorite shade? Play up cool tones with either a bright yellow or vibrant red, like Mandy Beyeler and Jessica Bruno did.
Another option — consider an unconventional placement to help a creative color choice have slightly more subtle impact. For example, consider painting the insides of dresser drawers or painting the inside edge of your front door a bright color. These unexpected pops of color are delightful surprises.
Campaign desk got a DIY makeover with green paint and new hardware
Stephanie was inspired to take this desk from thrifty to fabulous!
Tip 2: Go B-O-L-D with some D-I-Y.
If you’re feeling exceptionally daring, take on a DIY project and breathe some colorful life into an old piece. Stephanie Gerber grabbed a cool campaign-style desk from Goodwill that was white and brown. Inspired by a green dresser she saw in a magazine, she painted her desk an awesome shade of — get this — dill pickle. Get the full scoop on her blog, Hello Natural. Oh, and believe it or not, this was the first time she DIY’d a piece of furniture. “I’m still proud of myself every time I look at it,” she told me. I’d be proud, too!
My fellow designers played around with some bold DIY choices last year during the Garage Sale Challenge. Do you remember Lacey’s awesome gold leaf dresser? Now that was bold!
Blue ceiling in a baby’s room with grey furniture
Isn’t this nursery enchanting?!? Photos courtesy of Laura Marchbanks.
Tip 3: Don’t believe every design rule you hear.
That’s what Aleah and Nick Valley told me when talking about a bold move they made. “We so often hear that you shouldn’t paint ceilings with color, and we disagree!” When deciding how to paint their daughter’s room, they took the icy blue paint color on their focal wall and continued onto the ceiling. As you can see, this perfect shade of blue has an enchanting effect that’s quite awe-inspiring.
Other rules you can consider breaking? Hanging artwork in odd numbers and matching wood tones are two I break all the time. Check out this Apartment Therapy article for even more rule-breaking home décor ideas.
Large vintage bathroom light fixture is a statement piece
Gretchen knows how to go big or go home!
Tip 4: When going bold, bigger is often better.
If you want that wow factor, you may need to step outside your comfort zone. What feels “extreme” to you likely isn’t once put into context. Large pieces can be a little scary, but when mixed with the rest of the room well, an oversized statement piece can give you exactly the stunning vibe you’re going for.
Gretchen Holcombe did just that with a vintage brass light fixture (and yes, I definitely have light fixture envy right now!). The cool, geometric design and perfect size make it the exact statement piece she was looking for. And better yet? She scored this awesome piece for just $10 at a thrift store.
With 2015 nearing an end, I’m challenging you to try something a bit daring in 2016. Get out of your comfort zone and push your limits of what’s “normal.” Choose a paint color you love but have been scared to use. Be inspired to turn thrifty pieces into extraordinary statements. Looking for some more bold inspiration? Check out this bright dining room space by Cassity Kmetzsch and this cheerful office space by Carrie Waller. 

Top images from Mandy Beyeler and Jessica Bruno
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