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Double Take side table

Double Take: side table

According to Merriam Webster, a side table is a table designed to be put against a wall.
This may come as a surprise to you, but I’ve never been a “by the books” kind of guy. And it’s a good thing, because I couldn’t disagree more with this dictionary definition of a side table.
If you ask me, a side table doesn’t need to be put against a wall, and it doesn’t need to be put alongside anything.
In this edition of the Double Take series, I’m sharing a few more ways to use a side table. Because there’s no need to put that baby in a corner.
Night stand
When you think about it, side tables and night tables are really interchangeable. They’re similar in height and many have one or more drawers or shelves. Use a colorful side table as a funky accent in a kid’s or guest bedroom. There’s just enough room for an alarm clock and a book or two. See how Michele from The Scrap Shoppe blog paired a modern yellow side table with a matching yellow clock in her son’s bedroom? It’s a perfect fit.
side table night stand

Kid’s play station
The thing about side tables is that they’re just the right height for kids. Create a play station for arts and crafts or a desk for drawing and coloring in the kid’s room, like Michele from The Scrap Shoppe blog tried with her modern side table. A table with a raised edge or lip will keep the crayons off the floor. Pair it with a few chairs, like Shawn did for his son and daughter, and you’re set.
side table kid’s play station
Of course, you won’t want to leave your side table outside year-round — or even overnight for that matter — but a metal folding tray table is great for going outdoors. Use it by the pool, around a campfire, or even at a tailgate. You’ll probably want to wait until the snow melts to try this one, though!

side table outdoors

Reading nook
Maybe it’s a cozy corner in the living room. It could be a lonely space in the bedroom. Pair a comfy chair with a side table for a simple reading nook anywhere in the home. Keep a few magazines, your favorite book, a small plant or a piece of artwork on display. Pretty in Providence blogger, Sarah, and Megan from Megan Brooke Homemade each paired an accent chair with a side table to create a stylish reading nook.
side table reading nook

Kitchen and bar tray
A side table with a removable tray top is the best of both worlds — it’s a table and then it’s a tray. Take the tray top off and use it as part of your bar cart for entertaining or bring it into the kitchen for your baking and cooking supplies, like Hello Natural did. It can work great for serving cocktails, too (wink, wink).
side table bar and kitchen tray

Festive front door display
I know it’s too soon to start thinking about the holidays again, but these blogger ideas were too good not to share. Pretty in Providence and Worth Pinning bloggers both used side tables to dress up their front door or entryway for fall. Really, you can do this for any season. For spring, try using a side table as a plant stand to greet guests. Just make sure your table is sheltered from the elements if it’s not made for outdoor use.
side table festive outdoor display

See, I told you side tables were meant for much bigger and better things than simply being put against a wall. It sure makes you wonder what other versatile furniture you’re not using to its full potential.
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Top images from Hello Natural
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