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5 tips to create modern dining room

Time to entertain: 5 tips for creating a modern dining room

It’s no secret that formal dining rooms are becoming more uncommon, especially when that space can be used for something else like a home workspace. Plus, smaller spaces and apartment living are the norm, meaning designated dining rooms are hard to come by. However, just because there may not be space for one doesn’t mean you can’t have a place to wine and dine with friends and the family.
Gather up your wine glasses and hunt down that cheese plate because these 5 tips will help you create a modern dining room, regardless of size, that’ll ensure you’re the hostess with the mostest:
1. Start simple. Stick to the essentials. A basic dining table and dining chairs are really all you need to start with. Before you go nuts with extra display cabinets or elaborate table settings, add some simple décor pieces like a glass bowl centerpiece or elegant table runner and go from there.
Wooden dining table with Country Cottage chairs
Jamie’s simplistic dining area looks beautiful and feels warm.
2. Create an intimate setting with a smaller footprint. In today’s modern design world, smaller is often better. Dining tables have changed to reflect this. Chances are, if you’re in a small space, your table offers a more intimate entertaining experience. Dinettes have a much smaller footprint and work great for both a formal dinner with the parents or a Friday night gathering with friends.

But if you do happen to have the whole crew over, try this tip: Top your small table with an old towel or sheet to create a protective “cover” and then lay a larger piece of plywood over to create a faux top. Cover it with a table cloth, and voilà! You’ve got yourself a bigger table. If all else fails, dig out a few small card tables, dress them up with fancy linens and make separate smaller tables around your living space for a more intimate dinning atmosphere.
Cottage Road Spindle Back Chairs in dining room
A small, modern dining room is exactly what Kim wanted to achieve with her dining space. Lana made the most of her small space, as well.

3. Use a variety of unique seating options. A modern entertaining space doesn’t need to be matchy-matchy. Choose interesting or unique seating choices that have colors and various elements to complement each other. Even accent chairs and stools can be considered. Eclectic seating makes for an interesting setting in and of itself.

Cottage Road chairs at dining table
Cathy uses stools and Cottage Road Spindle Back Chairs for her dining area.
4. Add ease (and style!) with additional storage. Keep everything you need within arm’s reach. You can do this by adding a gourmet stand or a bar cart. Both are perfect for displaying glassware, wine and liquor. Even better, use this space for serving appetizers or as a mix-your-own-cocktail station. This will keep guests out of your way as you finish the last-minute preparations and can keep them moving around your space instead of congregated in one small corner of the room.
Gourmet Stand as dining room prep area
Shannyn and Rachel are all set for their guests to arrive!
5. Bring the space to life with plants and natural elements. When Ma and Pa come over for dinner, prove you’re a functioning adult by having houseplants that aren’t half-dead. Modern spaces often feature natural elements like a vase of flowers or additional plants. Fill empty corners with taller houseplants like a ficus or snake plant. As for the dining table, succulents make for great centerpieces. Bonus? They’re some of the lowest-maintenance plants out there!
Gourmet Stand with flowers in dining room  
So even though we can help you create a warm and inviting modern dining room regardless of size, the food is all on you! Take these tips to style your own unique dining area that brings your guests together and creates the kind of memories that’ll make you smile.
Even though this was the last post in our “Time to Entertain” series, the inspiration doesn’t stop here. Check out our lookbook for other great living space ideas like this colorfully modern table or this credenza that can be used four different ways.

Top images by Envision Pretty (left) and Krystal’s Kitsch (right). 
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