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Eight prototypes, two new products grow Sauder Pet Home offering of unique, high-quality pet furnishings

ARCHBOLD, Ohio — March 16, 2016 — Following the success of the Sauder Pet Home Collection launch last year, Sauder expands the line with pieces that provide pets a space of their own while serving functional benefits for pet parents. The practical, trendy pieces from the Sauder Pet Home Collection will be on display March 16 to 18 at the Global Pet Expo trade show, Booth 1975, in Orlando.
Pet owners want their furry friends to feel loved like any other family member. Consumer research shows that 63 percent of millennials agree pets should be pampered. At the same time, these young “pet parents” aren’t about making compromises.
“We understand it’s important to create pet furniture that blends in with existing home décor, but we’re not stopping there. We’re expanding our selection to include more pieces that are fun and functional for pets, while also being stylish and practical for people,” says Mike Lambright, director of marketing at Sauder. “In the collection’s second year, we took common home furniture, like a traditional side table, ottoman or desk, and made them pet-friendly. These pieces won’t be seen as an eyesore or inefficient use of space because they serve a convenient purpose beyond pet use.”

Prototype debuts

Sauder is unveiling eight new prototype products that build on its promise of functional, affordable style. Prototype pieces, including the Dog Desk, Side Table Cat Hutch and Dog House Side Table, blend into the home seamlessly while also pampering your favorite cat or dog.
New to the collection are two prototype pieces for large dogs: the Doggie Ottoman and Fido Dog Bed. Equipped with snug 4-inch cushions that include removable covers for easy washing, these pieces will keep even the largest dogs cozy. The Sauder Pet Home Collection also includes an outdoor prototype piece, the Dog House Gazebo.

Newly available

Sauder also introduces two feline-focused items that will be available for purchase in June: the Cat Storage End Table ($279.99) and Traditional Cat Tower ($399.99). These items join the existing nine pieces in the collection.
“We set the bar high when we introduced Sauder Pet Home, and pet owners loved it. We saw significant interest specifically in the unique design and style of the Natural Sphere Cat Tower and Inside Dog House,” says Mark Strayer, principal designer at Sauder and creator of the Sauder Pet Home Collection. “With this collection extension, we’re taking traditional and modern forms of everyday furniture and making them appeal to a broader audience, giving the pieces added function and even offering some space-saving opportunities. In many cases, pet owners won’t need a separate space for their pets, because these items perfectly integrate the pets’ lifestyle and habits into your own.”
All of the new and prototype Sauder Pet Home items will be showcased in Sauder Booth 1975 at the Global Pet Expo. Sauder Pet Home products are available for purchase on and through select online retailers. For more information, visit
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