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Fun, functional pet products from Sauder fit seamlessly into home décor

ARCHBOLD, Ohio — July 17, 2015 — Sauder knows pet owners want fashionable, functional, quality pet furniture for their homes. The family-owned Ohio-based company, which for more than 80 years has created stylish and affordable home furnishings for people, is now offering the same for pets. The sophisticated, modern designs in the Sauder Pet Home Collection will be on display July 21 to 23 at the SuperZoo trade show, Booth 22131, in Las Vegas.

Pet owners are looking for the best, high-quality products. Consumer research shows nearly 80 percent of millennial “pet parents,” in particular, regard their pets as family members, and 76 percent would buy certain items for their pets before buying something for themselves.
“Passionate pet owners consider their pets a part of the family, so it’s only natural they prefer to integrate their pets’ toys, supplies and sleeping quarters into family common areas,” says Mike Lambright, director of marketing at Sauder. “Sauder Pet Home is reimagining products once considered an eyesore by creating designs that integrate beautifully into home décor. These are pieces you don’t have to hide. They have a style that fits in your home while standing out on their own.”

Sauder Pet Home launched this year at the Global Pet Expo. The collection offers six products, including four for cats and two for dogs: At SuperZoo, Sauder will highlight three new items that will be available for purchase this fall: Entryway Dog Bed ($299.99), Adjustable-Height Cat Tower ($129.99) and Cat Scratcher Mini ($79.99). Several prototypes also will be on display, including pet end tables, tiered cat towers and scratchers, and a unique dog house desk. All items will be showcased in Sauder Booth 22131.
Sauder Pet Home products are made with safe, quality materials to withstand regular wear and common pet messes, specifically by using sealed and finished materials. Real wood and finished veneers make up the Inside Dog House and Coffee Table Pet Bed. All-natural materials, such as woven banana leaf and solid wood, are used in the Natural Cat Sphere. Paper-laminated medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is used only in areas protected from accidents by location or orientation. For easy cleanup, all cushions feature slip covers that can be removed for easy washing.
“Along with the importance of style and function, we’ve made sure products in the Sauder Pet Home Collection also offer longevity and are tested for everyday wear and tear from pets,” said Mark Strayer, principal designer at Sauder and creator of the Sauder Pet Home Collection. “The pet furniture is designed through observation of pets with the products. We’ve been able to modify and improve the products based on testing in real homes.”
Designers considered everything from the integration of replaceable corrugated scratch pads to the selection of durable materials while bringing the highest level of utility and design to the Sauder Pet Home pieces.
All Sauder Pet Home products are available for purchase on and through select online retailers.

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About the Products

Natural Sphere Cat Tower, $259.99
This attractive wicker cat sphere is made from natural woven banana leaves, supported by stained solid wood legs. The sphere features two access holes for your feline friend, plus a machine-washable bed cushion and sisal rope-wrapped leg for scratching. The sculptural look makes a great statement in any room.
Inside Dog House, $169.99
Small- and medium-sized dogs will enjoy the essentials of convenience and comfort. This cozy home includes a fabric cushion with a removable slip cover, along with an entryway pad. It also features a three-position food shelf with stainless steel bowls, a tree hook for hanging a leash or clothing, and a small shelf for extra supplies. It’s made with real wood veneer in a Light Pine finish.
Modular Modern Cat Tower, $264.99
It’s like a jungle gym for your cat. With padded climbing steps, hanging toys, two sisal pads for scratching and a molded bristle for rubbing, this piece will keep cats entertained for hours. Two nesting pieces create the interactive tower. It also features a two-sided fabric cushion bed with removable slip cover and replaceable corrugated scratch pads. It’s available in Espresso finish.
Coffee Table Pet Bed, $329.99
This bed is comfortable for your pooch and functional for you. A product that truly blends in with its surroundings, this piece includes a full-length fabric-covered cushion with removable slip cover. It’s finished on all sides in a birch veneer construction with Espresso finish.
Modern Interactive Pet Cube, $129.99
The stylish, small-space pet bed and activity center combines clean lines and a simple shape. This piece includes a sisal padded base, molded bristle for rubbing, exterior toy on an elastic string and replaceable corrugated scratch pads. The two-sided fabric cushion bed with removable slip cover is just right for resting. It’s available in Espresso finish.
Cat Scratcher, $99.99
Whether it’s time for hiding, scratching or lounging, this piece has it covered. It features an elevated perch, replaceable corrugated scratch pads and a two-sided fabric cushion bed with slip cover. Place the fabric cushion bed on the elevated perch so your kitty can keep watch, or move it to the lower shelf and use the top for your own decorative storage. It’s available in Espresso finish.
Entryway Dog Bed, $299.99, available fall 2015
It’s convenient for you and comfy for your pet. This piece has hooks for leashes, clothes and anything else in the entryway. A drawer hides supplies, and the fabric cushion bed with slip cover is easy to clean. It’s ideal for small dogs and is available in wood veneer construction in Light Ash finish.

Adjustable-Height Cat Tower - $129.99, available fall 2015
For the kitty who wants options, this piece has an adjustable-height perch, sisal and corrugate scratch pads, a pompom toy on an elastic string and a two-sided fabric cushion bed with slip cover. It’s available in Espresso finish.

Cat Scratcher Mini, $79.99, available fall 2015
A mini version of the popular Cat Scratcher, this piece includes space for scratching and elevated lookouts, along with a replaceable corrugate tunnel for hiding. It’s available in Espresso finish.

About Sauder

Manufactured in America’s heartland for more than 80 years, Sauder Woodworking Co. is the leading North American producer of ready-to-assemble furniture. A family-run business based in Archbold, Ohio, Sauder embraces sustainability measures that reuse and recycle more than 98 percent of its solid waste materials. The company currently offers nearly 50 furniture collections that enable everyone to experience the joy of affordable style. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. For tips on affordable style, visit the Put Together Lookbook, furnish forward blog or Expedition Design style lab. Learn more at
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