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Sauder Reimagines Yesterday’s Furniture with New Products and Features

ARCHBOLD, Ohio — Oct. 1, 2015 — Sauder is reinventing, reimagining and reinvigorating the industry with its High Point Market introductions. This fall, it’s all about making the old new again for today’s evolving customer.

“Millennials are a dominant consumer force in the home furnishings market, so we’ve adapted our designs to satisfy their lifestyle needs,” says Mike Lambright, director of marketing at Sauder. “We were inspired by millennials’ affinity for retro designs, old-school styles and anything that’s a throwback, so we took a closer look at vintage and outdated designs, reimagined them and added a new twist. This fall, old meets new in the Sauder showroom as we reference the past to reimagine collections and pieces that meet modern needs.”

Sauder is modernizing four key categories at High Point Market to meet millennial needs:

1. Eden Rue prototype collection — Retro, quirky character with a whimsical modern twist
2. Sauder Pet Home — Furniture for your furry friends pampers them and lives up to your style needs
3. Tech integration — Modern style and convenience incorporate today’s digital needs
4. Advanced imaging capabilities — New manufacturing capability adds unprecedented patterns and colors

Eden Rue prototype collection

Sauder understands the connections millennials have with their parents and grandparents, and applied them to its newest prototype collection, Eden Rue. Inspired by the graphic patterns, bold colors and familiar forms of vintage furniture, Eden Rue is a retro-chic collection of upholstered and accent pieces brimming with history and whimsical character. It reimagines popular styles of previous decades but with functions updated to reflect modern lifestyles. These charismatic, quirky pieces are a lighthearted reminder of visits to grandma’s house, evoking nostalgia associated with beloved family heirlooms.

“In fashion and home furnishings, it’s no longer about having that brand-new appeal. Consumers are embracing products with a lived-in, homey look that embodies a mix-and-match aesthetic,” says John Amell, trend and design manager at Sauder. “We know millennials especially want pieces that tell a story and help them define their style. By re-creating favorite pieces from the past, these prototypes encourage self-expression and individuality.”

The Eden Rue prototype collection will be priced as low as $49.99.

Sauder Pet Home

Today’s pet owners are seeking the best, highest-quality products. Consumer research shows nearly 80 percent of millennial “pet parents,” in particular, regard their pets as family members, and 76 percent would buy certain items for their pets before buying something for themselves.

Recognizing a void in stylish pet furniture, Sauder created Pet Home, a new line of fun, funky and functional pet-specific pieces that integrate beautifully into home décor. The collection reflects a combination of modern design, function and quality, all with affordability in mind. Each product is made with sustainable, all-natural materials, including woven banana leaf and sisal. The furniture is made with safe, quality materials and designed to withstand regular wear and common pet messes.

“Sauder Pet Home is reimagining products once considered eyesores by creating designs that integrate beautifully into home décor,” states Mark Strayer, principal designer at Sauder. “You don’t have to hide these pieces. They have a style that fits in your home while standing out on their own.”

Nine pieces are available in the Sauder Pet Home collection, offering a variety of feline and canine furniture for as low as $89.99.

Tech integration

In smaller urban homes, every square foot is precious, home offices are often nonexistent, and mobile technology is ubiquitous. Consumers are surfing the Web and checking email from the couch. Millennials are spending an average of two hours per day on their smartphones — and most even sleep with them. Considering the mobile, tech-savvy and continuously connected consumer, Sauder is advancing the form and function of common living room furniture by designing for the small things that make life easier.

The Curved Entertainment Credenza, first introduced as a prototype at spring High Point Market, transforms the everyday function of a television stand with its contoured design. The curved front not only follows the contour of today’s popular curved TVs for aesthetic appeal, it simultaneously opens up space in the room when paired with a round coffee table. A center shelving unit with curved glass doors for electronics storage creates a uniform look.

A patented Vanishing Drawer™, featured in the New Grange and Dakota Pass collections, hides video and electronic components as well as cords for a clean, put-together appearance in credenzas and consoles. Sauder prototype side and accent tables offer integrated USB charging for smartphone and device integration.

Sauder furniture with tech integration will be priced as low as $39.99.

Advanced imaging capabilities

Sauder introduces ArtaGraph™, a new printing process using patent-pending technology to position and apply pattern enhancements and images on furniture surfaces. The process blends advanced production methods to bring unprecedented levels of pattern and color control across the full spectrum of Sauder product categories.

This process offers the potential to provide style enhancement and product differentiation, including increased color, pattern and image reproduction capabilities, that will improve the ability to create custom-look and handcrafted effects. Prototypes in the Eden Rue collection feature this technology, including the Eden Rue desk, which features a flora and fauna theme that flows seamlessly from one drawer front to the next, as if hand-painted.

Sauder continues to explore this new technology and is considering making up to 10 finishes available in 2016 on pieces including a desk, accent cabinet and crate table.

Visit Sauder at High Point Market

Sauder furniture and prototype pieces that reflect these trends will be available Oct. 17 ̶ 22 in Sauder’s High Point Showroom at 220 Elm St., one block west of Main Street between West Commerce Avenue and West Green Drive.

About Sauder

Manufactured in America’s heartland for more than 80 years, Sauder Woodworking Co. is the leading North American producer of ready-to-assemble furniture. A family-run business based in Archbold, Ohio, Sauder embraces sustainability measures that reuse and recycle more than 98 percent of its solid waste materials. The company offers nearly 50 furniture collections that enable everyone to experience the joy of affordable style. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. For tips on affordable style, visit the Put Together Lookbook, furnish forward blog or Expedition Design style lab. Learn more at

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