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Open about menu Sauder Press Release

Thru temporary shutdowns and market absences, Sauder has been busy designing, developing, and distributing products that embrace a variety of styles to meet every preference.

ARCHBOLD, Ohio — May 28, 2021 — For over 40 years, the High Point Market in North Carolina has been a home away from home for Sauder. And after a nearly 19-month absence thanks to the pandemic, the company is excited to return this June to showcase a variety of the new products rolled out over the past year as well as new intros upcoming in 2021.
For Sauder, variety means a focused effort to offer furniture styles that fit a wide array of customer tastes. An intentional strategy to expand the appeal of the brand by doubling the company’s new product development for 2020 carried on despite a year of shutdowns, social distancing, quarantines, and work from home.
“We’ve introduced more than 350 open line products in the past 12 months, with hundreds of additional items planned for rollout the balance of 2021,” said Mike Lambright, Sauder’s senior director of marketing. “Due to high demand some of these items have gone in and out of stock, but it’s been a dedicated, intentional effort to continue manufacturing items in popular styles that consumers crave.”
These efforts range from quaint farmhouse credenzas to modern, minimalist desks and dressers. Although the Sauder space at High Point does not accommodate all new product offerings, a mix of more than 300 items representing the newest collections and finishes will be on display in the 15,000-square-foot space.
“We’ve all been staring at the furniture in our homes for the past year, which has prompted many consumers to purchase upgrades or never-before-needed furniture,” said Lambright. “Our new product development team has done an outstanding job of expanding the line with fresh alternatives.”
Popular styles like Modern Farmhouse, Country, Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, and Contemporary speak to the varied product offerings and collections on display.
Modern Farmhouse
The modern farmhouse style is tried and true – a go-to aesthetic that is sure to make any living room more casual, authentic, and just plain comfier. Sauder’s Bridge Acre™ collection features a craftsman look in a medley of oak finishes – Lintel Oak®, Mystic Oak®, and Orchard Oak™—bringing a down-on-the-farm vibe without the need to own a sprawling piece of land. A style that tends to be reminiscent of a slower, simpler time, woodgrain and planking can be a key to any modern farmhouse look. Sauder’s River Ranch™ collection, a new bedroom grouping in 2021, highlights accentuated wood plank slatting with a unique White Plank® finish, embodying a white-washed feel like a rustic back fence. Many different TV credenzas and entertainment stands from the Sauder Select collection feature farmhouse styling and include built-in fireplace features for a cozy place to gather around on a brisk night. And finally, put the home in home office with computer desks and lateral files in the Mason Peak™ collection—a resimercial offering from the new Worksense by Sauder® line, perfect for the home or commercial office space.
Sauder has introduced more than 50 items in the modern farmhouse styling with prices ranging from $69.99 to $1,244.99.
For a more distinct homespun look, the shaker-inspired collection, Union Plain™, includes a simple woodgrain with a light Prairie Cherry™ finish that evokes a classic one room schoolhouse aesthetic. Offering pieces for the office, bedroom or living room, the look of this collection brings a familiarity and easy transition into nearly any setting. Sauder’s Dawson Trail™ collection, with its casual shapes and decorative curves, evokes elements of modern country styling. Pieces for office and bedroom feature a dark Raven Oak™ finish – a deep color with slight woodgrain pattern. Finally, rounding out a dedicated country styling, Sauder’s Station House® collection is a throwback inspired by materials discovered at homesteads built a century ago. A rustic Etched Oak™ finish combines with black metal rod framing for a reclamation style home makeover.
Sauder has introduced more than 20 items in the country styling with prices ranging from $124.99 to $424.99.
Mid-century Modern
The sixties are back in a big way. With consumers looking for a more minimal approach to home furnishings, the mid-century modern style features crisp edges with clean woodgrains, as well as mixed materials and minimal hardware. Clean lines are not lost in the mid-century modern style, as shown by the existing Clifford Place® collection, now available in a new Jet Acacia™ finish with spindle legs. Black metal framing, white top surfaces, and a warm Sindoori Mango® make the Tremont Row™ collection a prime example of a modern mixed materials furnishing that is not visually overwhelming. Newly available in fall 2021, Sauder’s Acadia Way™ collection offers a two-tone palette of dark Raven Oak™ and rich Timber Oak™ finishes combined with hidden drawer pull hardware—a classic feature in modern design. Rounding out a modern office space, the Palo Alto™ collection from the Worksense by Sauder® line offers high-grade commercial office furniture with a sleek design, including wood slatting and a rich Spiced Mahogany™ finish.
With pieces ranging from living room to entryway, to bedroom and office, Sauder’s mid-century modern furniture has a variety of options. Sauder has introduced more than 50 items in the mid-century style with prices ranging from $64.99 to $1,539.99.
Contemporary furniture looks to the future for inspiration, while retaining traditional elements that make good furnishings, great. The new Portage Park™ office collection features a distinctive, light, Kiln Acacia™ finish that is unlike anything previously in Sauder’s repertoire. The contrast of black and white, with select pieces in faux white marble accents, make the Hudson Court® collection a prime example of what contemporary furniture aims to do—disrupt what you think you know about furniture while offering pieces that will easily blend into your home. For the adventurer in us all, the Manhattan Gate® collection mixes metal to allow for a rustic/modern crossover collection with a gray Mystic Oak® finish. For outside the home, the Affirm™ collection under the Office Works by Sauder® product line brings a simple but stunning look to commercial offices with a Classic Cherry® finish with durable and configurable pieces like lateral files, desks, returns, credenzas, and more.
Contemporary style can mean many things to different customers—that’s why Sauder offers a range of options. Sauder has introduced over 50 items in contemporary styling with prices ranging from $89.99 to $634.99.
The industrial style is distinctive, and popular! Inspired by the bustling hum of a city and an industrial revolution factory, this style tends to focus on mixed metal framing that serves as an aesthetic grounding for the structure it creates. The Station House® collection crosses over into this style with its rounded metal work for the legs of side tables and desks, evoking the feel of a turn of the century train station. Industrial style furniture does not weigh down a home. With new introductions to Sauder’s Steel River® collection, details like steel wheels, rivet detailing, and trussed construction are reminiscent of an earlier time. Sauder’s popular North Avenue® collection, boasting an urban/rustic dark metal accent, is now available in a fresh Sindoori Mango® finish. Additionally, the industrial style is perfect for a resimercial commercial office grouping like Foundry Road™, a Worksense by Sauder® line that adds an eclectic energy at work or home with commercial grade features on desks, lateral files, and more.
Sauder has introduced more than 50 items in industrial styling with prices ranging from $54.99 to $469.99.
Visit Sauder at High Point Market
Sauder’s newest collections and prototype pieces will be available June 5-9 in its High Point Market Showroom at 220 Elm St., one block west of Main Street between West Commerce Avenue and West Green Drive.
About Sauder
Sauder Woodworking Co. is the leading North American producer of ready-to-assemble furniture. A family-run business based in Archbold, Ohio, Sauder embraces sustainability measures that reuse and recycle more than 98 percent of its solid waste materials. Sauder combines more than 85 years of American manufacturing experience with expanded global sourcing capabilities to meet the needs of consumers and retail customers. The company currently offers nearly 50 furniture collections that enable everyone to experience the joy of affordable style. Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. For tips on affordable style, visit the Ideas blog. Learn more at
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