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accent chair in bare bedroom corner

Reasons you need to do more with your bare bedroom corner

Bare corners in the bedroom tend to be sad, uninspiring dumping grounds. They are overlooked nooks with unfulfilled potential. But why not transform those desolate, wasted spaces into a new multipurpose bedroom space?
Monica Benavidez from Monica Wants It shares the reasons you need to do more with your bare bedroom corner.
REASON 1: Your bedroom corner currently has no purpose.

To fix this, consider function first and then decide what you want to use the space for long term.
  • Working. Don’t forget an accent cabinet with drawers for storing pens, paper and chargers. Working at night? Remember space for a floor or table lamp.
  • TRY: Inspired Accents Accent Storage Cabinet
  • Help getting ready. Use a bench to put things you don’t want to forget as you run out the door, and it will make it easier to put on your shoes, too.
  • TRY: Baxter Upholstered Bench
REASON 2: You’ve got the space, but you’re just not sure what fits best.

Pick your room and plan accordingly.
  • Spacious master suite. If you’ve got a big corner, go for elegant luxury! Pick a larger, cushier corner accent chair or consider pairing two upholstered chairs. Add an ottoman for a quiet area to enjoy coffee in the morning.
  • TRY: Nico Accent Chair
  • Guest room. You don’t need to go all crazy with your guest room. Stay more neutral and consider a small, modern chair without arms in a space that’s used less often.
  • TRY: Nilsen Accent Chair
REASON 3: You’ve got style but need another way to show it.
  • Storage a-plenty. Even if you’re a minimalist at heart, get extra storage with a modern side table that allows for a basket underneath for extra storage space.
  • TRY: Soft Modern Round Side Table
  • Scale and shape. Pick pieces that complement one another. An armless chair nestles well with a round table, while a small pedestal table may look silly next to an oversized upholstered chair.  
  • TRY: Harper Accent Chair with Inspired Accents Round Side Table
Visit Monica’s blog to see how she turned her bare corner from blah to beautiful.
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