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upholstered chair bedroom seating

The one piece of furniture you’re probably missing in your bedroom: Bedroom Seating

In almost every hotel room is a place to sit, kick back, relax or get a little work done. Seating, whether it’s an accent chair, ottoman or upholstered bench, is a quick, easy way to take your bedroom game up a notch and make it feel like a retreat from everyday life. 
Bedroom style expert Monica Benavidez shares three questions you should ask before selecting bedroom seating.
1.     Which bedroom are we talkin’ ’bout?

Master bedroom: Larger-scale seating with bold patterns or color
Pick a large chair with a tall back and elegant accents. Pair armless chairs with a side table to glam up your space.

Photo credit: Monica Benavidez

Guest room: Multipurpose seating.
Armless chairs that are mobile and versatile are perfect for guest rooms. You’ll get bonus points when guests have an extra place to throw their stuff or set their suitcase, plus you can use the chair in other rooms of the house once everyone goes home.
Kids’ room: Small and lightweight seating
Pick seating that’ll grow with them for the kids’ room. Toddlers and tweens will appreciate a small upholstered chair they can easily move around the bedroom.

Photo credit: Shannyn Allan (left), and Carrie Waller (right)
2.     What’re we using seating for?

Reading corner: Pair with a lamp for illumination.
reading corner bedroom seating
Photo credit: Aleah and Nick Valley
Workstation: Choose standard or counter-height seating.
bedroom workstation stool seating
Photo credit: Kelly Rowe
Storage for daily items: Make someplace to toss your bag or coat at the end of the day.

accent seating for bedroom storage of everyday items
Photo credit: Monica Benavidez
Pet lounge: Sometimes a pet bed just won’t do.
upholstered chair as a pet bed in the bedroom
Photo credit: Monica Benavidez
3.     Where is there space in the bedroom?
The corner: Create a cozy nook in a bare corner.
accent seating creates a cozy bedroom nook
Photo credit: Ashley Thurman
Alongside a side table: Create a defined space away from the bed.
upholstered chair next to side table in the bedroom
Photo credit: Barbara Hiatt
Near a window: Utilize natural light to create warmth and offer a view.
accent chair next to a window
Photo credit: Erin Hankins
Next to the bed: Pseudo nightstand and seating can roll into one (this is great for a guest room!).
accent chair as bedroom nightstand
Photo credit: Jessica Flannigan
At the foot of the bed: A bench offers a convenient spot for putting on and taking off shoes.
bench at the foot of the bed for seating, storage
Photo credit: Kristen Lentz
Top seating image courtesy of Megan Zietz.
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