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Sauder Sofa Convertible, Cottage Road Side Table, Canal Street Coffee Table

The secrets to living room seating

When it comes to living room seating, you usually think sofa first. Odds are, you probably already have that covered. If you only use a sofa though, your living room might be missing some serious comfort.
So, pull up a chair! Expert bloggers Liz Fourez, Shannyn Allan and Colleen Ludovice spill the beans (not on the furniture, of course!) on additional living room seating. 

Secret 1: Flexibility

Give yourself options. Being able to choose between a sofa, sofa convertible, accent chair, stool or ottoman offers flexible convenience and comfort. 

Ellis Accent Chair, Eden Rue Accent Table
The Ellis Accent Chair next to an Eden Rue Accent Table make a great pair.
Photo courtesy: Melissa George

EXPERT TIP: Instead of two couches, Liz recommends one couch and two accent chairs. That way, the chairs are easy to move around for flexibility in design.

Ellis Accent Chair
Pick chairs with arms, such as the Ellis Accent Chair, for secondary living room seating.
Photo courtesy: Debbie Westbrooks

Nico Accent Chair
Two Nico Accent Chairs offer comfy, flexible living room seating.
Photo courtesy: Roeshel Summerville

Shannyn’s living room is constantly in flux between game nights, wine tastings with friends and working from home in the living room.
EXPERT TIP: Shannyn recommends picking seating that’s lightweight and easy to rearrange depending on the activity. 

Soft Modern Occasional Chair, Luna Accent Chair
The Soft Modern Occasional Chair and Luna Accent Chair are lightweight and easy to
move around the living room. Photo courtesy: Carrie Waller and Jess McGurn

Nilsen Accent Chair, Ellis Accent Chair
The Nilsen Accent Chair and Ellis Accent Chair complement one another in color and style.
Photo courtesy: Aleah and Nick Valley

EXPERT TIP: Colleen recommends using accent seating in bright colors to make a bold style statement. It’s a small investment for a big impact!

Nilsen Accent Chair
It’ll be hard for guests not to notice the bright orange Nilsen Accent Chair in the corner!
Photo courtesy: Megan Zietz

Secret 2: Versatility

It’s more than just seating. Look for furniture that serves more than one purpose.

Sauder Sofa Convertible
Consider a sofa convertible for extra seating and sleeping the occasional overnight guest.
Photo courtesy: Liz Fourez

Estate Sofa Convertible
Some sofa convertibles offer storage underneath for blankets and pillows. It’s a sofa. It’s a bed. It’s a linen closet. Photos courtesy: Liz Fourez 
Colleen looks for multifunctional pieces that can serve as extra seating, like the Eden Rue Stool/Side Table, as a table. 

Eden Rue Stool/Side Table
Photo courtesy: Colleen Ludovice

The New Grange Elsie Ottoman can effortlessly turn into an extra seat or a coffee table by simply adding a tray. 

New Grange Elsie Ottoman
Photo courtesy: Colleen Ludovice

An ottoman with extra storage inside? Triple bonus. 

Eden Rue Lily Storage Ottoman
Choose pieces like the Eden Rue Lily Storage Ottoman with multiple uses for easy, accessible style.
Liz recommends finding pieces that are versatile enough to be used in other rooms of your house, too. 

EXPERT TIP: Use a lightweight, upholstered home office chair for extra living room during family game nights.

Soft Modern Becket Accent Chair
The Soft Modern Becket Accent Chair is lightweight and mobile from the home office
to living room. Photo Courtesy: Bruno Bornsztein

And don’t forget to consider the needs of all your family members when selecting living room seating, including your four-legged family members.
PET’S PICK: The Ellis Accent Chair is perfect for curling up and taking a short cat (or dog) nap.

Ellis Accent Chair, Cannery Bridge Storage Wall
Photo courtesy: Debbie Westbrooks

Ellis Accent Chair
Photo caption: Photo courtesy: Monica Benavidez and Gretchen Holcombe 

Ellis Accent Chair
Photo courtesy: Kelly Rowe
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