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New Grange Entertainment Stand, Canal Street Coffee Table, Cottage Road Side Table

3 steps to create a living room you love

Your living room is often the room where you spend the most time; it is, after all, where you live! There are several factors to consider when designing your perfect living room. We’ve turned to bloggers Liz Fourez of Love Grows WildShannyn Allan of Frugal Beautiful and Colleen Ludovice of Inspired to Share to share why they love their living spaces and the important things to consider when creating your perfect living room. 
1.     Consider function: How do you use your living space?

Do you like to watch TV or gather around for family game night? Perhaps midafternoon naps are your weekend go-to. When designing your living space, function matters. Consider how you’ll spend the majority of your time in that room and let that guide your choices in furniture and design.
“Our living room is a gathering place where our family spends time together watching movies, doing homework and occasionally taking a midafternoon nap.” — Liz Fourez

Sauder Sofa Convertible
Photo courtesy: Liz Fourez 
EXPERT TIP: Don’t underestimate the value of comfy, cozy seatingPieces such as a sofa convertible and Nico Accent Chair are two top picks for living room seating. 
“Our living room is definitely a multipurpose space. Our furniture is arranged so we can enjoy a show and then easily transition to get some work done with a functional living room workspace. Our focus shifts from the entertainment stand to lift-top coffee table, depending on what we’re doing in the space!” ­ Shannyn Allan

Canal Street TV Stand, Canal Street 5-Shelf Bookcase
The Canal Street 5-Shelf Bookcase and Canal Street TV Stand are the perfect combo when it comes to entertainment and working together in one space. Photos courtesy: Shannyn Allan
Carson Forge Lift-top Coffee Table, Carson Forge Side Table
When it comes time for work, just pull up the Carson Forge Lift-top Coffee Table and pull out the slide-out shelf of the Carson Forge Side Table for extra workspace. Photos courtesy: Shannyn Allan
2.     Create comfort: What feels like home to you?

Living rooms are meant to be comfortable, so think about what’ll make your space feel most like home to you. Do you love to be surrounded by books? Or maybe you need storage for toys and games for your family to play. Getting comfortable means having everything you need right at your fingertips, whether that’s blankets, coloring books or just the TV remote!

EXPERT TIP: Shannyn uses her Canal Street 5-Shelf Bookcase to display family photos and travel mementos to create a sense of home. 

Canal Street 5-Shelf Bookcase
Photo courtesy: Shannyn Allan

Soft Modern Coffee Table
For Colleen, “homey” means relaxing and reading with some delectable coffee. The Soft Modern Coffee Table is a perfect companion for a cup of Joe. Photo courtesy: Colleen Ludovice
3.     Work with what you have: What do you already love about your space?

Don’t forget to look at what’s right in front of you! Focus on the bones of your space and then consider how you can use furniture and décor to play up the aspects you love most.

If you have a beautiful fireplace as the focal point, position two accent chairs on either side for an intimate arrangement.

If your living room connects other rooms and is a central hub, pick furniture that’s great for gatherings, like ottomans and small accent tables.

“We have a gorgeous sunroom off our main living room, so we have the fun of creating two similar but different living spaces. We try to keep all of our furniture cohesive (and lightweight!) so pieces can be moved from one space to the other. The fun, bright colors of the two Eden Rue accent tables complement one another, even though they’re in different rooms!” Colleen Ludovice

Eden Rue Side Table, Eden Rue Stool/Side Table
Photo courtesy: Colleen Ludovice

“I love the big picture window in our living room that lets in a ton of sunlight and gives us a great view of the farmland around our house. It is a great focal point for the room and makes the whole space bright and inviting!” — Liz Fourez

Canal Street Coffee Table
Photo courtesy: Liz Fourez
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