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Ideas Want to make the most of every room in your home? You've come to the right place.

How to share your space with furry loved ones
For many of us, pets are our first family. Often before the ring, wedding bells and diapers, furry companions make their way into our hearts and homes. Considering this, it’s important to provide them with an equally comfortable living space and one they’ll enjoy just as much as you. Here’s how you can create a living space that you both enjoy.
Give them a space of their own
Pets may not need as much personal space as you, but they do need a place of their own. A simple corner in your home can work as a perfect place for them to chill and call their own.
Modern cat tower, cat furniture, living room

Keep them entertained
If not kept busy, pets sometimes find their own entertainment (er … shoes to chew or furniture to scratch). Think of getting something that has scratch pads, toys or other activities built into it to help cut down on potential misbehaving. Everyone knows that cats love furry round objects that dangle!
Modern cat furniture, living room, cat toys
Modern cat tower, cat furniture, living room, cat toy
Photo credit: Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely
Don’t just stick them in another room
Your pets shouldn’t be on a permanent timeout! Incorporate pets into your space rather than separating them somewhere else in your home. Consider pet furniture that blends into your existing space and provides both a function for you and your pet, like the Coffee Table Pet Bed!
Dog bed, coffee table, pet bed, pets, living room
Coordinate colors
Yes, pet hair can get annoying. For a quick and simple fix, coordinate furniture fabric color with that of your pet. The same goes for flooring and rug options. Dust and fur bunnies be gone (almost)! By no means is this a permanent fix, but it will help disguise pet hair a bit more.
Accent chair, upholstered chair, dog bed, pet, furniture
Photo credit: Monica Benavidez, Monica Wants It
Use area rugs on hardwood
Everyone knows area rugs really tie the room together. But when you have a pet, it’s just another way to make things more comfortable for them and their furry paws. Not to mention, it helps prevent scratches from long nails.
Modern cat tower, cat furniture, living room
Photo credit: Kady Lone, Pudge the Cat
Opt for durable materials
Pets will climb on furniture at some point, regardless of how well-trained they are. Thicker fabrics and more durable surfaces are key. If you’re not certain how the fabric will stand up to pet-focused wear and tear, get a decorative throw blanket to cover the cushions. Throws are much more affordable to replace than chairs or couches!
Accent chair, upholstered chair, dog bed, pet, furniture
Photo credit: Kelly Rowe, Live Laugh Rowe
Accent chair, upholstered chair, dog bed, pet, furniture
Photo credit: Debbie Westbrooks, Refresh Restyle
Create a landing zone in an entryway or mudroom
Every puppy parent knows what it’s like bringing a dog back inside after it rains — things can get dirty fast! Deal with the chaos with an entryway space away from the main living area where your fur baby can sit and dry off.
Inside dog house, dog bed, puppy, pet furniture
Photo styling credit: Jenni Radosevich, I Spy DIY
Entryway, dog bed, puppy, pet furniture
Photo credit: John Elias
Avoid fragile décor
At some point in your pet parent life, you’ll experience broken objects courtesy of tail wags and climbing. Save those wine glasses, ceramic bowls and fragile picture frames from your pets’ destructive forces by avoiding placing fragile décor at pet level.
Modern cat tower, cat furniture, living roomPhoto credit: Kady Lone, Pudge the Cat
We love our pets. It’s as simple as that. For all the unconditional love they give us, the least we can do is make our homes as comfortable as possible for them. After all, they’re family!
Check out more of the Sauder Pet Home line for furniture that will make your furry pals feel right at home.
Top photo credit: Nichole Balch, Making it Lovely
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