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9 ways you’re wasting precious storage space in the bedroom

Let’s be honest. We all need places to store our stuff in the bedroom — clothes, shoes, jewelry, ties, socks, accessories, you name it — but we want to do so in a smart, efficient and stylish way.
To save you another night tossing and turning, style expert and Best Friends for Frosting blogger Melissa Johnson shares 11 ways you’re wasting precious bedroom storage space and what you can do to fix it.
1.     You’re using a wide dresser in a small space.

Save floor space by using a tall, 5-drawer dresser
2.     You’ve got things you’ll never use.

Make sure everything has a purpose. Ask yourself: Will I actually use it? If not, kiss it goodbye.
3.     You’re collecting dust bunnies under the bed.

Use that valuable space! Pick a platform bed with built-in drawers for underbed storage.
4.     You’re using a dresser and an entertainment stand.

Place your TV on a storage credenza or accent storage cabinet. Turn it into a pseudodresser and entertainment console.

TIP: Although saving space is great, remember to use only furniture that is designed to hold media and complies with necessary safety standards for a TV stand. If you do choose to save space in the bedroom by placing your TV on a dresser, be sure to review the Anchor It program. Stay safe out there, people!
5.     You’ve got empty desk drawers.

Create a vanity by using a small desk or counter-height work table with shallow drawers to store makeup and jewelry. Choose a desk or table that you can pair with a comfy chair or stool where you can also use your laptop or iPad.

Cannery Bridge Worktable versatile bedroom storage
Both Stephanie Gerber (left) and Sharon Garofalow (right) used the
Cannery Bridge Work Table for versatile bedroom workspaces.
6.     Your drawers are unorganized.

Deep dresser drawers rock our socks. But if you’re lacking small drawers for said socks, use drawer dividers for small, delicate items or accessories.

accessory storage in dresser drawers
Style expert Melissa sorts socks into small bins and stores her accessories
in the International Lux 5-Drawer Chest.
7.     You’re not diversifying.

Pick bedroom furniture that has a mix of storage options — shelves, doors and drawers. Find furniture with open-shelf storage on top and doors on the bottom, or pick a dresser with doors AND drawers!
8.     You’re scared to show it off.

Go a little unconventional and use a bar cart for storing and displaying your favorite jewels.

writing desk and bar cart multifunction bedroom storage
Jessica Bailey (left) used the International Lux Writing Desk for a small vanity and workstation, and Sharon Garofalow (right) displayed her accessories on the International Lux Bar Cart.
9.     You’re avoiding big pieces of furniture. 

Armoires and storage cabinets make for a great substitute for small closets and lack of storage.

storage and display cabinets for bedroom storage
Jessica Flannigan uses the Cannery Bridge Storage Wall for a mix of storage and display (left), and Melissa uses the International Lux Accent Storage Cabinet for a little bit of everything storage (right).
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